The Peak Mountaineering Triple

19th Apr 2013

It was Friday afternoon and everyone in Peak Mountaineering towers was going a little stir crazy as the sun streamed through the window and we counted down the minutes until knocking off time. Suddenly the silence was broken as Cal screamed "triple" across the office. Cal is known for her spur of the moment ideas (not always good ideas....just spur of the moment!) and we couldn't wait to hear her new masterpiece.  

She climbed atop a drum of rope (having undoubtedly completed a dynamic risk assessment first), clapped her hands and then started to explain. "How about we invite people to join us on Facebook, Twitter and through our newsletter registration then offer a prize if they do?"  "That's three things", she continued.  "That's a triple." (to be honest we knew what a triple was but didn't say anything as this obviously wasn't the time).  "But what should we offer?" we asked. "Some stickers or maybe a t-shirt?"  

"No" continued Cal assertively (she had obviously thought this one through).  "We'll offer 2 places on one of our signature courses.  One of our most popular.  One that will appeal to lots of people.  We will offer places on a navigation course."  We had to admit that she'd done it this time.  She had broken the icy silence in the office.  She had inspired us.  She had persuaded us to give away 2 places on our most popular courses.  Yep.  She'd really done it this time!

For the rest of the afternoon Peak HQ buzzed with the clatter of keyboards, the hum of contentment and the optimism of a new challenge beginning (we also wanted to keep our heads down in case Cal had any more bright ideas).

Cal's Peak Montaineering Triple runs until Sunday.  Don't break her heart.  Please complete the challenge!

All the details are on our Facebook page here.

Posted by Paul