5th Apr 2013


Phew.  Trip Advisor!  Just had a lengthy conversation with them (it only took 6 days for them to get back to me) and things didn't go so well.
Anyway,  for those that have followed our trials and tribulations of Trip Advisor's abysmal customer service and their trick of removing client reviews (without informing anybody) the upshot is that there is, apparently, no resolution!
They apparently have no listing category that allows reviews of longer than a day (unless you are a hotel of course!) so your review might get refused or listed then removed sometime down the line (even a year later it seems!).  As many of our courses (tours) are far longer than a day we just don't fit any criteria they offer.  
I really don't want to risk clients writing reviews for no reason so please don't LEAVE REVIEWS ON TRIP ADVISOR.....we will find a suitable alternative review site as son as possible and let you know.
Oh, and clients can't have the removed reviews back!
Oh, and Trip Advisor won't remove the listing as it has to be available for future clients to leave reviews (even though they might then get removed!).
Oh, and surely there aren't other companies not offering 'day tours' that are listed. No sir - we only list day tours.  Oh right.....
Well we spent 30 seconds on Google and came up with dozens!
Here's one.... "I was at Ama Dablam spring expedition in April 2012" (Ama Dablam in a day is certainly a great effort!).
Here's another......"Trekking to Everest B.C" (another lonnnnggggg day!).
And want to climb Everest in a day.  Presumably this 'day tour' company offer that....... "******** provided high quality service to my group for our expedition to Everest from the north side in 2007".  Wow!
I will write a bit more when I have calmed down but for now please DO NOT write any reviews for Peak Mountaineering on TRIP ADVISOR. Sorry....but thanks.