Trip Advisor update

3rd Apr 2013

We recently posted some news about problems we have been having with Trip Advisor (you can read the original information here).  

Trip Advisor did contact us by email and we replied.  We felt the best way forward was to change our review listing from a tour to an attraction.  We asked Trip Advisor to do this.  The last email we sent was 6 days ago.  We have heard nothing since.  My requests for information via Twitter have also remained unanswered.

I am extremely sorry to our clients who have expressed their concern.  We would love to simply swap the reviews to another review platform.  There are plenty out there and we have talked to several about it.  Unfortunately, we would be likely to lose the existing reviews.  We are also unsure whether we can get access to the reviews Trip Advisor decided to remove.  

It is a poor situation but we are working hard to resolve it.  We are a company that prides itself on good relations with clients and the quality of the service we offer.  Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be the way Trip Advisor treats their clients!

We'll keep you posted.