FREE Climbers Self-Rescue Courses...

28th Mar 2013

In 2012 we offered FREE rescue skills courses to anyone attending one of our learn to Lead Courses.  12 people took us up on the offer!  We must be 2013 we are doing it again!

Learning to lead climb is a milestone in every climber’s career.  It opens up a new world of opportunities and adds a whole new dimension to the adventures available.  We have been helping new leaders develop these skills for many years and we love doing it.  A few days of expert instruction can make a big difference to safely and speedily acquiring the required techniques. 

Once the skills are mastered another vital skill set to learn is the ability to get out of difficult situations effectively.  This could be anything from helping an injured partner to simply ascending a rope to escape an incoming tide.  Our Climbers Self-Rescue course has always been a popular choice.

For 2013 we are offering an astounding deal. Anyone who attends one of our Learn to Lead courses is welcome to attend a one day Self-Rescue course FREE.  When climbers book a Learn to Lead course they’ll automatically be sent a voucher they can cash in on any future one day Self-Rescue Course with spaces.

No time limit* and no hidden extras - just a great deal and a responsible approach to climber development.

* we suggest leaving a sufficient gap between learning to lead climb and attending a Self-Rescue course so the new lead skills can be properly embedded before taking on more information