Wild Stripes

19th Feb 2013


We wear base layer clothing.....a lot!  We have our favourite types and they generally work very well.  They are usually, however, very plain.  Last year we read a review on Outdoors Magic of a very cheerful looking range of base layers called Wild Stripes (the Outdoors Magic review is available here).  They stood out - bold colours, bold stripes and ethically sourced.  They were certainly something different.

Since then we have used a number of Wild Stripes products and our findings have always echoed the Outdoors Magic review.  Great quality, great performance and great fun to wear.  Infact we have been so impressed we wanted to share them with our clients.

The great news is that now we can offer all Peak Mountaineers a great discount of 15% on the whole Wild Stripes range.  When you book a course we'll send the all important discount code and you can choose some bargain Wild Stripes products for your next mountain adventure.  If you are a past customer just get in touch and we'll send you the discount code.

You can check out the full Wild Stripes range here.  Add a bit of high performing colour to your mountain adventures!