Please support the Envirotrek grant application

25th Mar 2012

We are so pleased to be supporting the UK's very first Envirotrek this year.  We are also so pleased that the Envirotrek series has been nominated for a potential 20,000 euro grant from the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA).  The grant would help to secure the series for the coming years and also help to expand the scope of Envirotrek's vital work.

Envirotrek is a unique event which combines litter collection with outdoor activities.  Protecting our wilderness areas and having fun - a winning combination. There's more information on Envirotrek here and we'll have an exclusive Envirotrek page on the website very soon.

So, if you can spare 30 seconds to vote we'd really appreciate it.  It only takes 30 seconds and you'll be helping to protect our precious wilderness for now...and the future.  All you need to do is head to the EOCA website here and make your vote.  Many thanks.