On some Peak Mountaineering courses we give out resources and whenever we feel these resources would be useful to a wider audience we'll pop them on to this page.  They are completely free and we are more than happy for anyone to download them for their personal use.  If you wish to use them for commercial purposes please contact us to discuss it beforehand.


pacing_cards1.  Being able to measure the distance you are travelling is a fundamental aspect of good navigation.  Peak Mountaineering's Timing and Pacing Chart is the ideal aide memoir.  It works best if you print it, fold it carefully in half and then laminate it.  Even better if you leave a little flap of the laminating plastic at the top so you can punch a hole through it and fasten it to your compass lanyard. 

Download the Pacing and Timing Chart here.



2.  If you are caring for a casualty in a first aid situation it is extremely important to be able to monitor their condition until the professionals arrive (this is all explained in more detail in our Top Tip article here).  One way to help you record the information you gather is to keep a casualty monitoring card in your first aid kit.  We recommend printing one on to waterproof paper and keeping a pencil and indelible marker with it so you can write on it in any weather.

Download our version of a Casualty Monitoring Chart here.




3.  A route planner is a great resource for planning a mountain journey.  It will help you work out timings and gain a clearer picture of how much descent and descent to expect as well as being a good place to record key bearings.  A route planner is also the perfect record of your adventure to leave with a base contact.  

Our Route Planner can be easily downloaded here.




4. In a time of emergency it is essential that rescuers or emergency services can find out who they are looking after.  An Emergency Medical Identification Card is a great way to pass on this key information.  We always keep one both on our person and in our first aid kit.  This handy customisable version is available free of charge from the MedIDs website here.  Print it out, trim it out and laminate it.  Job done.