Mountain Biking Kit

Here is the kit list for our mountain bike courses. We are aware that to the uninitiated this list may seem complicated and 'technical' and we don't want you to be put off a great adventure before it's even started! If you look through and need to discuss something (or everything!) in more detail, don't hesitate to get in touch! You might also read it and think you have to spend lots of money but there are often less expensive options available.

It's well worth printing off a copy and bringing it with you to check you have everything each morning.

Essential Kit
  • Bike (please make sure it is in good condition, reliable and suitable for the type of terrain you will be cycling on).
  • Helmet (please ensure it is in good condition and hasn't had a damaging impact).
  • Suitable shoes (lightweight walking boots or approach shoes with good ankle support and a grippy sole)
  • Rucksack (please make sure your rucksack is big enough as you will need to carry your lunch, a drink, waterproof and spare clothing.  You may also be asked to help carry some group equipment).
  • Waterproof jacket (one that is breatable and folds up small is best).
  • Thermal base layer (synthetic fibres rather than cotton)
  • Fleece mid layer
  • Suitable shorts or trousers (trousers offer better protection but shorts work well in warmer weather). 
  • Lightweight windproof jacket  (it is well worth having a wind resistant top in addition to your waterproof jacket if possible)
  • Cycling gloves (and a spare pair on wet or muddy days)
  • Plenty of food (a mixture of quick energy boost foods and slow release foods are ideal - flapjack, honey sandwiches and malt loaf make a great alternative to expensive energy bars!)
  • Drink (at least 2 litres)
  • Spare mid layer (even if the weather is good)
  • Sunglasses and sun cream (even on dull days please consider some form of eye protection)
  • Personal first aid and medication
  • Spare clothes, towel and wash kit for after the ride

Your instructor will carry tools to tackle most trail emergencies but bring your tool kit if you have one.  Please also bring a spare innertube and brake pads as well as any other spares that are specific to your bike.

Optional Kit
  • Money for a cafe stop and camera