Footwear Advice

We often get asked about choosing suitable footwear so here is some additional advice to help you decide what to bring.

Boots are the only really specialist item you will need for our hillwalking and scrambling courses.  Having well fitting boots will make a big difference to your enjoyment. Trainers usually aren’t suitable because they don’t give enough support (especially when carrying a rucksack), don’t provide enough grip and are not waterproof (the only exception is some of our climbing courses where the walk ins are short and on ‘gentle’ terrain).

Your boots should give good ankle support and have a non-slip tread (vibram soles are best). Summer boots should flex fairly easily toe to heel but remain stiff from side to side.  A boot should feel evenly tight with adequate toe room to allow for descending. The heel of the boot should fit snugly around the heel of your foot. If in doubt, ask in a specialist outdoor shop – or ask us!