Climbing Client Reviews

We are extremely proud of our reputation as a provider of the highest quality training.  We also think it is extremely important that clients only leave reviews that are completely independent.  For that reason, we ask course participants to leave reviews on Trip Advisor.  

All the reviews on this page are copied directly from our Trip Advisor page and you can read the originals here (plus reviews of other courses).  You can also read more about our course reviews policy here.  We hope it helps in your choice of course provider.....


Dominic - May 2014

Introductory Climbing Course

"Absolutely brilliant course! Fantastic areas were chosen to climb.  Burbage on the first day and the second day on Stanage. Also a superb instructor.  Always very keen to help and very good at explaining climbing techniques. This was the most enjoyable course that I've ever been. I would recommend this course and to anybody who wants to start rock climbing."


Chris - May 2014

Introductory Climbing Course

"Had a fantastic 2 days climbing at Burbage and Stanage Edge, the latter being a Mecca of the climbing scene. Great instruction from Richard. Small group meant lots of climbing. Far exceeded my expectations. Would highly recommend to anyone thinking of having a go!"


Stuart - May 2014

Intermediate Climbing Course

"I attended a Peak Mountaineering climbing course and had a great time. It was a fun and friendly environemnt with high quality instruction and great organisation. Highly recommended."


Trish - May 2014

Self Rescue Course

"Excellent day with Paul. Learnt loads and all in a very relaxed, supportive way. Would definitely recommend this day to anyone."


Moira - Apr 2014

Private Guiding

"A fantastic afternoon climbing at Burbage in the Peak District. Great instruction from Paul and his team, highly recommend."


Howie - Apr 2014

Lead Climbing Course

"Our lead climbing course with Simon was truly top-notch. It was refreshing to have such an enthusiastic and informative instructor. Peak Mountaineering managed to put together a highly effective course despite quite a diff emcee in experience between my partner and I. Comms and admin before the course were also excellent.  I'll definitely be using them again."


Steve - Apr 2014

Climbing Taster Day

"Excellent day with our instructor Tom. My daughter & I were complete novices and were a little wary on our first climb. Tom soon had us enjoying ourselves, explaining all the safety elements, knot tying and tips on climbing the crags. Burbage north was ideal for us being fairly quiet and not too far from the car. I would highly recommend Peak Mountaineering certainly if all the instructors are as patient and informative as Tom was. He even managed to give us enough confidence (me especially) to abseil down a quarry at the end. Thanks for a great day."


David - Apr 2014

Climbing Taster Day

"Had a great afternoon's climbing with Peak.  Safety was first but very relaxed and a great atmosphere.  Would recommend to anyone."


Mikhail - Apr 2014

Lead Climbing Course

"I took a lead climbing class with Paul over the Easter weekend.  He was a great instructor.  Very friendly and knows the local crags really well.  Tailored the class to our needs and even carried my jacket up for me on one of the climbs!"


Chris - Apr 2014

Lead Climbing Course

"I booked this course over the Easter weekend, I had very little experience of outdoor climbing but did lots of indoor climbing. The course was excellent, with a ratio of 2 pupils to one instructor, we were climbing the whole time, one pupil belaying while the other lead climbed, and the instructor was hovering over the lead climber on a separate rope to make sure gear placement was correct and safe, and make sure the setup of the anchor at the top was correct.  I would certainly recommend it!"


Stuart - Apr 2014

Self Rescue Course

"Like everyone else on the course I hope I never have to use any of the skills we learnt to perform a real rescue, but now that I've actually practiced them rather than just reading about them I would be a lot more confident if I did need to use them. Before I attended the course I had read all about rescue, but nothing beats actually doing it and having someone experienced showing you what you are doing right and wrong.  Paul (Peak Mountaineering), is a great teacher. Skilled, knowledgeable, friendly and approachable.  We learnt a whole range of rescue skills (from tying off a belay to prussik-ing up a rope) that would probably get you out of about 99% of situations, the other 1% you'd probably be calling 999 anyway!  I'd recommend the course to anyone who climbs, particularly those doing multi-pitch or sea cliff climbing. Well worth the money."


Tim - Apr 2014

Self Rescue Course

"Spent eight hours in sunny Hathersage learning the rudiments of problem solving at the crag and rescuing yourself and others in times of need.  Although I hope I never have to use any of the skills I've learnt, it feels great to have them under my belt and adds huge confidence on a day's climbing. Paul is a clear instructor.  Takes things and a great pace for the group whilst giving individual attention where necessary. The course was delivered with the right balance of humour and technical instruction.  Definitely sign-up if you're looking to expand your expertise in a relaxed but expert environment."


Gina - Aug 2013

Private Guiding

"We spent a day out with a group of our children aged from 8 to 18 and with mixed experience from complete novice to intermediate level. We had an absolutely brilliant day out with Peak Mountaineering. The tutor was excellent and managed to gear the day so that everyone in our group had fun and felt challenged. Quite an achievement given the mix of our group! We all had a great day and I would definitely use this company again."


Megumi - Jul 2013

Private Guiding

"I had a superb day climbing & enjoying the great summer day out with Rick, my instructor. He was very knowledgeable about the area, patient and encouraging, and made sure I was feeling comfortable and happy about the program throughout the day. He threw in some scenic & historical experience along the way which was great for a first time visitor to the Peak District.  It was a perfect introduction to the Peak District and outdoor climbing in England and I will definitely come back to do another course in near future."


John - Jul 2013

Private Club Training

"Paul and his team provide an excellent, experience in all the courses we have arranged with them at peak mountaineering. Our members gain new skills,with the knowledge provided.
we will be keen to use them in the future, from climbing tuition to navigation they were very informative. A very enjoyable day out. Highly Recommended.  Thanks to all."


Alex - Jul 2013

Lead Climbing Course

"These were two fantastic day courses. It was amazing value for money and I feel like I learnt so much. Having only picked up the basics from friends before it was great to cement that knowledge. Rick our instructor was a wealth of information and a great teacher. I'd have no hesitation to set out on a climbing weekend with some mates now, feeling confident I'd know what I was doing. We covered setting up anchor points and top ropes systems, belaying and gear placement. Managed to fit a lot of lead and seconding climbing in as well as learning how to identify crags and routes and understand the grading system. Don't know how we fitted so much in! It was set at just the right pace and Rick was very adaptable meeting us where we were to ensure we got the most we could out of the weekend. I would definitely recommend it!  Thank you!"


Paul A - Jul 2013

Private Guiding

"This was my 4th guided climbing trip with Paul. I can thoroughly recommend booking a Peak Mountaineering trip as you get an excellent well thought out service with great attention to detail. Paul is able to tailor the day to your needs and knows how to push you but not by too much so you get a huge amount out of the day. Whilst being informative on climbing technique, safety and the environment you also get a hugely enjoyable experience which in part is due to Paul's relaxed but very focused and inspiring nature. I will definitely be booking another trip."


High Peakers - Jun 2013

Lead Climbing Course

"Paul Lewis and his team led a fantastic leading course - at the right pace, lots of encouragement, easy to understand technical advice, and all great fun too. Paul is friendly, knowledgable and professional - his passion for climbing and the outdoors is inspirational. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, regained my confidence to lead and upped my skills. Thanks Paul."


Lisa - Jun 2013

Introductory Climbing Course

"I did two day courses with Paul Lewis last year - to my shame I didn't write a review after, especially as I found Paul to be an excellent teacher. As a beginner to climbing outdoors, despite never setting up belays before or placing gear, I found his instructions were clear to follow and, later on, gave me a lot of confidence knowing I was setting up systems in a safe way.  Sadly, due to the weather last year I didn't get to do a lot of climbing. However, having just done my first outdoor session of the season on grit recently I was happy to find out that, despite a seven month gap, I hadn't forgotten a thing. I put that down to Paul's teaching."


Penny - Jun 2013

Private Guiding

"Paul was my guide for the day on a traverse of Liathach in Torridon - a sensational ridge traverse involving some exciting scrambling in a terrifically exposed position. My hope was to build my bravery as a fear of heights was starting to interfere with my love for the hills: Paul was an excellent instructor who encouraged me to be confident in my abilities and made me feel positive about leading the way on the main ridge (after some initial coaching on a scramble as we made our way up the hill). As a guide, Paul offered the perfect balance of experience and skill with the ability to make me feel relaxed and encouraged. Overall a first class day out!"


Jenny - May 2013

Intermediate Climbing

"This is the second outdoor climbing course I have attended run by Paul Lewis of Peak Mountaineering and I hope to go on more in the future as my expertise increases. Paul is an expert in his field and even on a drizzly, cold day in May managed to find crags to climb that weren't too wet and dreary. He certainly showed us a variety of locations and climbs were well thought out to suit the ability of the group. Paul's manner as a leader is reassuring and calm. He happily shares best practice; suited to any ability client. He also maintains a sense of humour throughout and is a pleasure to spend time climbing with. I would definitely recommend Peak Mountaineering to anyone."


Andy - May 2013

Private Guiding

"With the reliable Scottish weather ranging from damp to really stunning, I had a fantastic time undertaking a brilliant mix of scrambling, walking and climbing on some of Skye's most stunning natural landmarks. Thanks to Paul as ever for his expertise and good humour!"


Mark - May 2013

Private Guiding

"I have attended three climbing courses run by Peak Mountaineering and have also used Paul for personal guiding on a number of Scottish winter climbs. Paul is a highly experienced climber and skilled teacher who clearly enjoys sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for the outdoors with others; he is also a lot of fun to be with and can make even the dampest and dreariest day in the hills an entertaining and memorable experience. I would highly recommend Peak Mountaineering, whether you are a complete novice in need of the basics or whether you have done some climbing before and want to build on existing skills. The confidence and knowledge they give you will set you up for a lifetime of adventure."


Tom - Feb 2013

Introductory Climbing

"Full days experience learning to climb outdoors. Paul was a fantastic instructor with a superb attitude to teaching students whatever their level and age. His reassurance and confidence building approach gave a really positive feel to the climbs. Can't recommend highly enough. Great for families, groups, kids and adults."


Ian R - Aug 2012

Introductory Climbing

"The two evenings course with Paul was very informative, presented clearly and with humor so no body felt intimidated. My reason for going on the course was to reinforce my limited rock climbing experience with a view to leading. Paul added to my knowledge and put me straight on some misconceptions I had picked up elsewhere, So I am looking forward to putting my new confidence in to practice. I was suitably impressed and I intend to contact Paul regarding a further course, probably winter climbing."


Juan - Aug 2012

Introductory Climbing

"I spent two evenings doing this course and I did not only had a great time outdoors but I also learnt a lot !!!  English is my second language and before I started the course I was afraid of missing something crucial. But communication was great and I have learnt a bunch of new skills and I am really looking forward to put them in practice. Thank you Paul."


Dan - Jul 2012

Private Guiding

"Great time with a great guide - good knowledge of the sport and explained a lot about the area itself. We were blessed with good weather as well which made it even better! Thanks to Cal for being do helpful and accommodating and our awesome guide Hannes."


Mike S - Jul 2012

Introductory Climbing

"I hadn't done any climbing for about 15 years, and that was a one-off on an indoor wall. It was with some nervousness that I signed up for this outdoor evening climb at Windgather rocks. Like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz, my joints had seen better days.
However, this was a really enjoyable trip. Paul has a teaching style which is just right for the novice, making you feel comfortable from the start, but also teaching you some of the techniques that climbers need. There was a great group atmosphere, but people were willing to challenge themselves. We did about six of the ascents at Windgather. Although not quite ready for the most difficult of them, I certainly felt I'd earned my pint in the pub afterwards. It was a bit 'midgey', but the views and the climbs more than made up for that."


Julie - Jun 2012

Various Climbing Courses

"I have done several rock climbing courses with Peak Mountaineering ranging from an introduction to climbing , setting up belays, learning to lead and multi pitch climbing in North Wales. All were run by Paul, a natural teacher who instinctively knows how to pitch the course at the level of the group or individual. The days were not only extremely informative but fun too. His 'tips and tricks" have stayed with me and have proved invaluable. Many thanks Paul, I would and will recommend Peak Mountaineering to anyone."


Amy - May 2012

Introductory Climbing

"When I was 12 my big brother Ed was a member of the Mynydd Climbing Club. I used to love it when my dad and I would meet up with him at the end of a weekend climb and I could watch the climbers scale the rocks as their gear jangled from their harnesses. The dream was to get big enough to join in, but a stumble whilst scrambling at Windgather gave me a fright and put an end to that. Jump forward quite a few years and I was back at Windgather this time as the parent of a son on his first outing with the school climbing club led by Paul Lewis. I knew the children well and let’s just say some of them were lively. Then the instruction began calm and methodical, never a raised voice. The children got organised and got on. They set their own challenges and up they went; it was all quite inspirational. My plan had been to stay firmly on the ground but suddenly there I was fully instructed on how to belay, and chomping on the bit to climb. Quite how it happened I’m not sure but the fear had gone, Paul had seen to that, and dream was back only a little bigger. 
Over the years I’ve been on a few of Paul’s courses and never failed to be impressed with the way he deals with such an array of personalities with such calmness and composure. Exactly the qualities you want in an instructor. A colleague who went on one of his first aid courses told me she had learnt as much about people skills as she had about first aid.
But back to that dream…on my classroom wall is a picture from a feature by Paul in the latest issue of Trek and Mountain Magazine. He took the picture from the summit of Stok Kangri on one of his guided expeditions and being quite handy with a camera I’d quite like to take one for myself. So Paul I’ve started saving and who knows… maybe my big brother could come too."


Maja - Apr 2012

Lead Climbing

"We did 2 day lead climbing course with Jake and we can only say, you can not make a mistake for choosing Peak Mountaineering. It was tailor made, relaxed, learned more we thought we could in 2 days.. Perfect instruction, views great, rocks amazing and Jake's nerves of steel with our misbehaved dog (and wife)."


Nick V - Nov 2011

Introductory Climbing

"The introduction to climbing course was great. Paul provided excellent tuition and we really enjoyed his company. Would recommend without hesitation. Also went on one of his mountain biking courses with the family and was very grateful to him for fixing all three punctures!"


Rob - Nov 2011

Introductory Climbing

"The guys at Peak Mountaineering have been nothing but super helpful and generally great.  I spent a day climbing in the peak with Rik who was patient, skilled and easy going.  Whether you're a first timer or a bit more experienced I'd fully recommend booking up with Paul and his guides."


Alan - Oct 2011

‚ÄčIntroductory Climbing 

"What an experience and thank you to Paul of Peak Mountaineering We will be doing this again and agin ! Great value for money and he's a professional. We knew we were safe in his hands. We spent ages in the morning going through the safety aspects of climbing and later on Paul and another chap took us climbing. Advice, guidance and tips were great and made for an action packed day, BRILLIANT !
Many thanks Peak Mountaineering for a fantastic day and more to come!"


Gareth - Sep 2011

Introductory Climbing

"We didn't really know what to expect when Paul from Peak Mountaineering met us at Hathersage that morning but before long the fear and trepidation soon left us as we soon realized that Paul was as professional as they come and that we where safe in his hands. He was funny and serious and he had the knack of knowing which one to be at the right time .After a brief run in the car we arrived at Stanage edge where Paul then asked us what we wanted out of the day? I wanted to get my shiny new rope out that I had been given as a 10 year service award at work. The morning was spent going through the safety aspects of Climbing and then in the afternoon Paul and another helper took us climbing.  I did my first route and I was well chuffed. The day flew by and after doing three or four different routes it was time to go home.  I am now hooked and can't wait to go out again.  Many thanks Peak Mountaineering for a fantastic day."


Eleanor - Sep 2011

Introductory Climbing

"My two children are 9 and 7 and they went on Peak Mountaineering's morning climbing session. It all takes part in the beautiful Peak District which is a mecca for climbers and scramblers. On this particular day we went to a large quarry in some woods (I think where you go is weather/wind dependant). The children were in a group of 6 and were given all their gear and taught about safety in the first instance (pleased about that!!) then they got on with the climbing. It was pretty scary and some of them didn't make it all the way up and I know my daughter wouldn't have if it hadn't been for Paul's fantastic encouragement and brilliant way with kids. Great day out in the Peak District and if your kids like a bit of adventure, they will love it!"