Private Guiding

The largest part of our work is private guiding – it is our speciality.  We went into business to share our passion for the mountains and to pass on some of the mountain knowledge we have gained over the years.  We are extremely proud of the many amazing adventures we have had with our private clients and the great times we have spent together – and the fact that 86% of them have booked further adventures in 2013 suggests we are doing something right!

Private guiding suits the type of person with minimum time but maximum ambition because it enables them to get the very most from the time they have.  It also gives us a lot of flexibility on dates and itineraries which suits busy people too.  On the type of terrain where we usually get asked to provide guides we will typically be working on a maximum 1 guide to 2 client ratio although we often get asked to run private introductory courses and we are more than happy to work with higher numbers on these if it is safe to do so.  Any of the courses listed on our website can be run on a private basis or you may have an adventure of your own in mind.  Either way, please just get in touch and we’ll be delighted to organise it for you.  

For all our private guiding we have a very simple (and transparent) pricing structure.  1:1 guiding costs £180 and 1:2 guiding costs £200 (£100 per person).  We make no additional charge for expenses although for work further afield we'll usually aim to tie the guiding in to other bookings so we can spend a block of time in one place.  This helps us to reduce the cost to you and also makes makes it financially viable for us.  

Please note that we provide all technical equipment free of charge.  Some companies charge extra for this but this short blog post explains why we would never do this.  All we'll ask you to provide is appropriate personal clothing and suitable boots.