ML refresher


Maybe you are approaching assessment and want some last minute fine-tuning?  Maybe it’s a while since you did your training and you want to ensure you’re familiar with current best practice?  Maybe you want us to help you brush up your personal lead climbing or rope work skills?  Maybe you want to discuss group management in single pitch situations?

Whatever the situation, we think taking a refresher course is well worth the money because it’s vital to go along to assessment feeling confident and prepared.  However, some years ago we deliberately stopped offering open ML refresher courses because we just don't feel they benefit you as much as tailored one to one training.  When you are one of a larger group you will need to cover content that suits you all when, in fact, you may rather have spent more time on something else.  Peak Mountaineering now only offers bespoke refresher training and we think you'll benefit more as a result.

Over one day (or more if you want) with one of our highly trained mountaineering instructors you will be able to cover a lot of syllabus areas and, because it is a bespoke course, you'll have complete flexibility over dates too.  Just as importantly, all our instructors regularly work on NGB award training and assessment courses so you can be sure to receive up to date and realistic advice and input.

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