First Aid Training client reviews

We are extremely proud of our reputation as a provider of the highest quality training.  We also think it is extremely important that clients only leave reviews that are completely independent.  For that reason, we ask course participants to leave reviews on Trip Advisor.  
All the reviews on this page are either copied directly from our Trip Advisor page and you can read the originals here (plus reviews of other courses) or were received from course participant feedback forms. You can also read more about our course reviews policy here.  We hope it helps in your choice of course provider.


Outdoor First Aid - November 2016

Jennifer - "Fantastic course, very varied scenarios.  Very enthusiastic and informative trainers.  Great extra information provided."

Darren - "Excellent Tuition."

Richard - "Great course, Would recommend."

Anne"The group atmosphere was well developed quickly to produce some very productive role plays."

Peter"Very exceptional trainers."

Caroline"Very useful course.  Thank you.  What was particularly good was the large group of interesting participants with a range of experiences."


Outdoor First Aid - October 2016

Paul - "Instructors were excellent. Paul and Al were way above expectations."

Femke - "Trainers were great. Serious but fun.  Big thanks! :)"

Richard - "Paul and Alan are very good.  I will suggest these providers to others."

Katy - "Trainers were great.  Good mix of info/practical/jokes. :)"

Jason "Having taken part in many first aid at work courses, I would defiantly not be doing them again.  OFA from now on."

Dave - "Having done many of these courses (8 or 9) I can honestly say Paul and Al were excellent throughout.  I enjoyed the teaching, the good humoured way this was conducted and the chance to put "learnt techniques" into practice.  I thought the group was great too."

Sandy - Well run and love the never ending biscuit supply!  Very good instruction and the real life stories/experiences make it relevant and interesting."

Andy - "Third time on the course.  Excellent again!"

Alan - "High Quality teaching from both leaders who aimed to boast confidence and not undermine."

Sarah "Fantastic leadership from Paul - very enthusiastic.  Easy to find and very informative. Thanks you."

Sarah - "Really enjoyable - highly recommended course with excellent instruction."

Mark - "Thank you, what a great course and instructor."

Diane - "Very useful course, especially scenarios adapting to the outdoor environment."

Maria - "Very enjoyable and very well delivered."

Outdoor First Aid - Oct 2016

Rod "Outstanding instructor - one of the best courses I have been on."

Bryce - "Paul gave one of the best first aid courses I have been on.  His teaching style was apt and enforced ...... learning and gave memory aids."

Paul - "Really enjoyed the 2 days, good atmosphere and venue.  Confidently and very well delivered.  Thank you Paul."

Ros - "Great course."

​Justin - "Excellent course.  Thorough and well delivered with appropriate pace.  Many thanks."

Jignesh - "Excellent instruction."

Andrew - "Good informative course.  Excellent teacher."

Peter - "Excellent instruction."

Paul - "Very good and useful course."

Outdoor First Aid - June 2016

Conneth - "The course was very informative, enjoyable and I have developed a sound level of confidence to deal with situations in the outdoors."

John - "Excellent course - refreshed my first aid knowledge; also learnt new skills."

Wendy - "Trainer Paul answered questions and provided extra information to the group as appropriate.  Content was relevant to all on the course from mountain bike people to forest schools."

Christopher - "Really enjoyed this course.  Thank you."

Tom - "Thanks a lot Paul, it was an excellent course."

Allison - "Lived up to expectations and left me feeling more confident."

Outdoor First Aid - June 2016

Patricia - "Fantastic learning environment with a super instructor Paul.  Thanks very much."

Simon - "Very clear instruction throughout.  Good positive discussion."

Matt - "All very good. Thank you."

Outdoor First Aid Incident Management - May 2016

Tim - "Great instructor and instructions."

Tony - "Really helpful to my outdoor needs. Boss teacher!"

Matt - "Well delivered.  Balanced theory and practical."

Chris - "Very enjoyable course."

Ben - "Very well presented course. Knowledgeable instructor, friendly and helpful.  Really enjoyable."

Paul - "Good course - Paul was very clear and humorous."

Tom - "Very informative and enjoyable, with approachable staff."

Outdoor First Aid - May 2016

Kate - "Andrea was really engaging, clear and a brilliant instructor.  The information was easier to take in due to her teaching excellence.  We dealt with many scenarios."

Katherine - "Andrea was an amazing trainer who really put across the information in a helpful and simple way.  She allowed lots of time for scenarios work and after this course I feel so confident dealing with a first aid situation."

Lucy - "Andrea was a fantastic instructor - very knowledgeable, calm and reassuring.  I would definitely feel more confident dealing with a 1st aid situation after this course."

Chris - "Fantastic course - Andrea was great.  Very clear and concise."

Emma - "Thanks you so much.  Really helpful and enjoyable.  Learnt so much."

Darren - "Andrea was brilliant! Very thorough and very competent with a nice manner."

Siobhan - "Andy was Fab! Thanks."

Sally - "Great venue so we could use the outdoor space"

Outdoor First Aid - April 2016

Anthony - "The tutor was excellent." 

Hilary - "Extremely helpful and will be very useful if the need arises."

John - "A very informative course, taught with passion, patience and confidence.  Very good!"

Katherine - "Thanks you for another informative session."

Emergency First Aid at Work - April 2016

Simon - "The most useful first aid course I have been on over the years.  Very practical. Paul is an excellent trainer with very good visual actions to help recall.  Brilliant, thanks."

Helen - "Probably the best and most enjoyable first aid training that I have ever attended - the trainer was superb!"

Stephen - "Excellent course."

Jane - "Made very interesting and enjoyable by an informative instructor."

Liz - "Well organised and enjoyable."

Outdoor First Aid - March 2016

Madeline - "Thanks good, friendly training"

David - "The course was everything I had hoped for."

Caroline - "Excellent professional delivery by both trainers."

Matt - "Great Course - Many thanks"

Outdoor First Aid - February 2016

Joe "An excellent, well run course. Very educational and enjoyable."

Eleanor - "Paul was a very good instructor.  Best first aid course I've been on so far."

Tristan - "Excellent."

Rob - " Brilliant content, clearly delivered and backed up with practical application and supportive mentoring.  Thanks."

Clare - " Paul is a fantastic trainer - I loved the repetition of the system, gradually building more and more each time.  The scenarios were so helpful to put us under pressure and make us apply the skills and new knowledge.  Assessing each other is also great as it makes you think through the process, even if you are 'the patient'.  Good humour too and Paul helped the group gel together.  Excellent. Thank you!

Brian - " Very impressed with the repetition and only adding 1 item at a time."

Caroline - " Practical approach to the training was great and made the learning enjoyable and easy."

Mick - "The structured approach to the delivery was an effective way of getting the material home."

Peter - "Good instruction, gradually introduced more complicated scenarios."

Roy - "Good approach building on skills as we went on finishing with practical exercises to bring it together."

Nick - Nov 2015


"I've attended quite a few first aid courses now - this was the most informative and instilled confidence in the procedure for the outdoors.  Thoroughly enjoyable and excellent instruction with all questions answered."

Alistair - Nov 2015


"Thanks to Will and Paul for a useful and informative course."

Rehna - Sept 2015


"Very informative and enjoyable."

Tracy - Sept 2015


"A really enjoyable course, was nice to relate this to outdoor scenarios."

Simon - Sept 2015


"Well delivered.  Many thanks."

Diane - Sept 2015


"Very good course.  I will look to do the 2 day course in future."

Steve - July 2015


Excellent, practical and enjoyable.  Thanks.

Louise - July 2015

Outdoor First Aid

Paul was an informative and motivating instructor.

Jessica - July 2015


Excellent and informative course.  Thank you Paul.

Emma - July 2015

Outdoor First Aid Course

Excellent course, great trainer.  Thanks Paul.

Dale - July 2015


Very enjoyable and informative.  Thanks

Kasia - July 2015


Great training, I really enjoyed it.

Charlie - June 2015


Great venue, good booking ( I was on a last minute booking too, which was really dealt with efficiently), great lunches!

Qamar - June 2015


Brilliant experience and have learnt a lot.  Been on other first aid courses but have still learnt a lot, as well as refreshing my memory.

Jade - June 2015


Paul was grand.  The course was very informative and hands on, which was great for buildfing confidence and getting practice.  Looking forward to my ML Assessment with PM. Thank you.

Jayne - June 2015


Thanks you, the opportunioty to practice skills in particular with scenarios was extremely useful.  Great relevance to what I needed.

Frag - June 2015


All grand as ever.  Thanks

Anne - June 2015

Outdoor First Aid

Excellent teaching - constant reinforcement and hands-on from the word go - much better than anticipated.  Right balance of gravity and humour. Really enjoyable and learned a huge amount.  Many thanks Paul!

Hannah - June 2015


Much better than other 1st aid courses I've been on - practical and theory well balanced.  Thanks!

Luke - June 2015

Outdoor First Aid

Very practical, not just sat watching videos, made learning easier. Very enhoyable.

Mel - June 2015


Great for Paul to find out people's backgrounds so that he could use relevant scenarios in discussion.

Simon - Jun 2015


This course was a great update and I'm glad to say taught me something that had been missed by other courses.

Chris - Jun 2015


Very well adapted to the needs of those attending.  Friendly and competent instructor.

Toni - June 2015


Excellent day.

Rachel - Jun 2015


Paul was an excellent trainer whose experience and teaching skill made the course even more valuable.

Stuart - 2015


I particularly enjoyed the style of instruction, where it was informative, humorous yet purposeful.  Very effective.

Simon - Jun 2015


Well led by Paul from start to finish!

Catriona - Jun 2015


Great facilitator made it much more enjoyable.

Adam - Jun 2015


Superb course.  Thanks Paul.

Nick - Jun 2015


Great! Course material was delivered in a helpful and practical way; tuition was easily accessible and not patronising/macho (as with some similar courses done in the past).  Great to meet other school leaders and a really good structure/outline - a great weekend!

Sarah - Jun 2015


Very well delivered course.

Kevin - Jun 2015


Gave me lots of confidence, friendly and approachable course leader.

Andy - Jun 2015


An excellent event.

Dan - Jun 2015


Great course - really enjoyed it and feel more confident.

Jane - Jun 2015


Great, thank you! Great instructor - much better than my first one 10 year ago! :)

Tony - May 2015


Thank you everything was great.  Rick was spot on!

Matt- May 2015


Very informative.  Very happy with the course and will be recommending it to friends. I found the format/systematic method very helpful.

Logan - May 2015

Outdoor First Aid

Very little 'role play' of conscious casualties, which was good.  Technically very informative.

Vic- May 2015


Thank you, very good!

Lyndsey - May 2015


Great course.  Helpful and supportive instructor able to tackle questions well.

Matthew - May 2015


Very well presented and very informative.

Terri - May 2015


Great instructor.

Richard - May 2015

Emergency First Aid at Work

A good, detailed syllabus, useful for our needs and signposted a number of areas for development.  Thank you.

Emma - May 2015


Thank you, I thought the course was great.  Cat was extremely friendly and knowledgeable making a very engaging weekend.

Amy - May 2015


A great course.  Cat mixed the reading/listening elements well with lots of practical demonstrations.

Jonathan - May


An excellent course.  Very well administered and run by Cat.  I felt I've gained a good deal from the experience.

Helena - May 2015


Thanks for a fantastic course.

Emily - April 2015


Absolutely fantastic.  Paul was really professional and got a good feel for the group's needs and gave lots of practical advice.  Brilliant course, thank you!

Max- April 2015

Outdoor First Aid

Excellent, the trainer ran the event very well.  Good clear demonstrations and good sequencing.  Thank you.

Anne- April 2015


First class course. Great addition to have lunch! Thank you.

Simon - April 2015

2 Day Outdoor First Aid

Paul was a competent and friendly instructor.

Amanda - April 2015


Great, thank you. It was useful to have the addition of pediatric first aid application as well in a forest school context.

Peter - March 2015

Outdoor First Aid

I enjoyed it, presented in a very good way so that I could easily remember.

Oliver - March 2015


I very much enjoyed the heavily practical side of the course and feel very much more confident as a 1st Aider.

Mel - Mar 2015


A really good course delivery by an incredibly knowledgeable person.  Thanks.

Lorraine - Mar 2015


Well orgnaised, prepared and friendly.  Humour made it much more enjoyable.

Annette - Mar 2015


Good teaching.  I was able to ask questions when I was unsure and I enjoyed all the practical scenarios.

Claire - Mar 2015


I really enjoyed the practical aspects and scenarios.  It enabled me to become confident with using and applying the skills.  The instruction of the course was high and vey informative which has made me feel more confident to deal with different situations.

Vicki -Mar 2015


Paul and Robin explained everything really well and I feel confident to carry out the first aid skills which I have learnt.  It was very detailed and the scenarios helped me to build my confidence.

Denise - Mar 2015


This was a pacy enjoyable course with trainers who were very knowledgable and didn't go off at a tangent or let the group get distracted with discussions/questions.  Well done and Thank you!

Bernadette - Mar 2015


Really good trainers and completely relevant to Forest Schools.  Much more confident now.  Thank you.

Mathew - Mar 2015


The instructors surpassed my expectations, all very good!

Claire - Mar 2015


Excellent course and very useful for Forest Schools.  I liked the repetitive approach for learning.

Felicity - Mar 2015


Very well delivered.  Clear and effective training.

Rob - Mar 2015

Outdoor First Aid

A really excellent course, very good delivery, met my requirements perfectly.

Sheena - Mar 2015

Outdoor First Aid

Very useful.  Delivered in an excellent manner - facts and scenarios - and with adaptations for our specific questions.

Steve - Mar 2015


Overall the instruction was great and taught in an interactive way.

Rob - Mar 2015

Outdoor First Aid

Very good course with an excellent, well experienced instructor.

Nicloa - Mar 2015


Paul was an excellent teacher.  He was very clear and also managed to deliver the information in an interesting way, incorporating some humour.  It was an excellent course.

Jason - Feb 2015

ITC OFA - 16 hour

Actually an enlightening and educative courese.  New ideas, new delivery.  Learnt alot as opposed to sitting through a discourse to get a certificate.  Thanks.

Stuart - Feb 2015


Excellent course and very enjoyable.  A great practical way to revalidate NGB qualifications in a refreshing way.

Brendan - Feb 2015


Was informative, friendly and enjoyable.

Scott - Feb 2015

Outdoor First Aid

This couse was very enjoyable and informativ.  No improvements needed.

Andrew - Feb 2015


Fantastic course.  Well delivered and in a way I will remember when called upon.  I feel confident I could approach any situation and deal with it. Many thanks.

Phil - Feb 2015

Outdoor First Aid - 2 days

Great course.  Many thanks.

Gareth - Feb 2015


Great Course, well delivered.

Andy- Jan 2015

Outdoor First Aid

The course was delivered in a clear conscise manner.  Very enjoyable.

Kate -  Jan 2015


Thank you.  Happy with the course and experience.

Amanda - Jan 2015


Great course, thank you.

Edward - Jan 2015

Outdoor First Aid

Great course and teacher.  Thank you.

Michelle - Dec 2014


Very enjoyable and informative.

Chris -  Dec 2014


Excellent Presentation

Gary - Dec 2014


Really enjoyed the course.

Tim - Dec 2014


Great pace and the range of hands on activities were first class.  Situation based scenarios were very interesting and helped consolidate learning.

Kim - Dec 2014


Excellent format, the repetitive nature and building on of each step helped me to remember and to become more automatic.  

Mandy - Dec 2014


The right level of chalk, talk and outdoor scenarios. Many thanks.

Alison - Oct 2014

Outdoor First Aid

Really enjoyed the course, the style of delivery and opportunity to practice made it very easy to absorb the information.

Lucy - Oct 2014

2 day Outdoor First Aid

It was well led and had good structure.  Ideas were constantly reinforced.

Craig - Oct 2014


Thank you. I now feel much more confident.  It was contextualised to my needs too.  There was a good mixture of theory and practice.

Michael - Sept 2014

Outdoor First Aid

As a person not required to be on the course for job reasons (purely voluntary) I thought it very worthwhile and good value for money.

Andy - Sept 2014

Outdoor First Aid

Enjoyable.  High quality course from experienced trainers.  Thanks.

Darran - Sept 2014



Ross - Sept 2014


Good content and instructors.  Nice venue.

Duncan - Jul 2014


Excellent course, very informative and professional.  Well pleased, many thanks.

Nick - Jul 2014


Great instruction, will book again in 3 years.

Debra - Jul 2014

8 hour Emergency Action

Excellent course, really useful examples used.  Really loved the practical work.  A very knowledgable and friendly provider.

Dave - Jul 2014

8 hour OFA

Well run course, good facitlities.

Peter - Jul 2014

8 hour Outdoor First Aid

Excellent trainer and venue.  All really good.

Nicola - Jun 2014

Outdoor First Aid

Everything was fantastic.  Paul and Al were brilliant. Hope is a beautiful location.

Charlotte - Jun 2014

Outdoor First Aid

This was one of the best first aid courses I've been on.  Very approachable course leaders.

Francis - Jun 2014


Of the various first aid sessions I have ever attended, this was easily the best.  Really clearly and incrementally structured around a very useful hierachy of priorities, repetitively practised with built-in progress.  Delightful location too.

Louisa - Jun 2014

Outdoor First Aid Course

I have been a first aider for 20 years.  This was probably the best of all the courses I've ever done.  Very hands-on and practical.  Thank you.

Deborah - Jun 2014


Excellent course and trainers.  Thanks.

Hayley - Jun 2014

Outdoor First Aid

Really enjoyed it.  I've never done any first aid before but you were eased into it well, plenty of repitition so it became second nature.  Great.

Lindsey - Jun 2014

Outdoor First Aid

Massively increased my confidence ready for my expedition. The course was well presented and very informative.  I'll make sure I keep up to date in the future now too.  

Heather - Jun 2014

Outdoor First Aid

Many thanks, a very enjoyable and interactive course.  Paul was so clear.

Karen - Jun 2014

Outdoor 1st Aid

Very good practical application.

Asa - Jun 2014


I found this to be a really worthwhile course that was well planned and very well delivered by Paul and Al.  Thank you.

Sarah - Jun 20104

Outdoor First Aid

Good Instructors, helpful and good humour.  Thanks.

Karen - Jun 2014


Fantastically lead.

Stuart - Jun 2014

Outdoor First Aid

All very good.  The instructors were excellent also.

Mandalin - May 20104

Outdoor first Aid Course - excellent and even enjoyable

Two day course for world challenge - would definitely recommend it. Learnt a lot. Taught brilliantly so that we all had a good couple if days - I didn't know anyone until I arrived. The group was brought together well, felt very comfortable to ask questions. Paul was great - knows his stuff, and communicates it really well making it easier to remember. Can even say I had a good time - not something I expected to say about a bank holiday weekend spent learning first aid!

David - May 2014
Outdoor First Aid Course

Excellent course in every way, well organised, well presented, very interactive and unlike others I have been on, there were more than enough course materials and equipment for everyone to practice with.  I would have no hesitation in using Peak Mountaineering in the future and will recommend them to anyone I know who asks my opinion.
Full marks.

Steve - May 2014

Outdoor First Aid

Despite the very serious subject matter, the the Outdoor First Aid course was delivered in a way that made attendance very enjoyable as well as being extremely informative, connecting theory in the classroom to practical application of skills in an outdoor environment. The catering was also great!

Mike - May 2014

Outdoor First Aid

Very enjoyable, hands on course. The step-by-step progression worked really well and helped to build my confidence quickly. Really good interaction with all participants and now looking forward to my expedition in Costa Rica feeling like I could deal with any incident to the best of my ability. Thank you!

Pete - May 2014

Super Outdoor First Aid Course

Excellent Outdoor First Aid Course with an emphasis on learning through practice. An in-depth course covering all the main aspects of first aid, which added a few new practices to me which I had not seen in other courses. Paul of Peak Mountaineering shared his experience of incidents he was involved in, which I found helpful. The instructor clearly used this knowledge to generate some challenging and thought provoking practical outdoor scenarios which included casualties in awkward positions and conscious difficult injured persons. This outdoor practice to me seemed the most useful aspect of the course, taking our knowledge acquired in an ideal location to a more likely situation. I hope I never need to use the skills gained, but thanks to Paul at Peak Mountaineering I feel more confident I could aid an injured person on the hills or at home.

Amy - May 2014

Emergency First Aid at Work

Fantastic course. Wonderful systematic approach to first aid. Clear memorable instruction and great explanations to any and all questions. Lots of opportunity to get hands on practice on the various techniques covered. Really grateful for a clear method for handling a number of different eventualities. Friendly delivery ensured a relaxed atmosphere, essential for a course where it was necessary to get up close and personal from time to time. Many thanks Paul, I'll no doubt be back for the refresher.

Rachel - May 2014

Emergency First Aid at Work Course

Just completed a one day course delivered by Paul Lewis. Lots of hands on activities during the day backed up with a very informative presentation shown at appropriate intervals during the day. Ample opportunities available to practice accident procedures prior to assessment, which was in the form of a practical assessment and a short multiple choice test.  Thanks again Paul, see you in 3 years for my refresher.

Andrew - May 2014

Outdoor First Aid

I didn't know what to expect, but found the course really enjoyable and informative.  Paul put all the information, reasons why and instructions about what to do in an easy and helpful way.  Wholly a great course.

David - May 2014

Outdoor First Aid

Excellent course.  Very well run and presented

Steve - May 2014

Outdoor First Aid

It's obvious that the course was well planned, with exellent tuition maintaining interest from start to finish

Alexis - May 2014

Outdoor First Aid

I found the delivery to be excellent.  I feel that I will maintain more information than that of previous first aid courses run by others.  I feel more confident.  The real weather environment was particularly beneficial.

Pete - May 2014

Outdoor First Aid

Super course provision.  Best I've been on.

Jonny - May 2014

Outdoor First Aid

Really useful first aid course.  Learnt a huge amount.  Excellent venue and well equipped.  Paul delivered high quality, clear teaching on all aspects of the course.  Would happily recommend to others as this was an excellent course.

Simon - May 2014

Outdoor First Aid

Great tuition.  Very comprehensive and informative and well adapted to my needs.

Susan - May 2014


I found this course very informative and easy to follow.

Amy - May 2014


Very enjoyable and great explainations.

Dawn - May 2014


The instructor was friendly, informative and approachable - great learning experience.

Rachel - May 2014


Lots of repitition of what to do which was really useful - makes me feel I could actually do it!

Michael - May 2014


I feel much more confident now in my own abilities and much better prepared.  Thank you very much Paul.

Ben - May 2014

Outdoor First Aid Training

Excellent two days covering all necessary informaion.  

David - May 2014

Outdoor First Aid

Well presented with a very knowledgeable instructor.  Good pace and variety.  

Alistair - May 2014

Outdoor First Aid

The course was well led and the content was delivered well, plenty of time for discussion of questions.

Jonathan - May 2014

2 Day 1st Aid Course

Excellent course.  I enjoyed the practical approach.  We were allowed time to learn and practice.  Paul was an outstanding instructor and it was an excellent course.

Mandalin May 2014


Good location and facilities.  Excellent instructor - it made the two days very comfortable and I learnt a lot and was very enjoyable.

Mike - May 2014


Thank you, Paul - well delivered and I feel much more confident now.

H. Platt-Hawkins - May 2014

OFA - 16 Hours

Paul is a very good instructor.  Making the course engaging and putting things in real context.  Thanks.

Arwen - May 2014

Outdoor First Aid Training

The instructor was very helpful and patient. I was made to think a lot about different situations.  Thank you.

Ralph - Apr 2014

Outdoor First Aid - 8 Hours

Fantastic course, excellent scenarios we could all learn from.  Learned alot and also excellent refresher of key ideas.  By the end of the course I was much more confident and informed.

Sarah - Apr 2014

1 day First Aid Course

The delivery was very clear and  step by step system really helped learning.

Kate - Apr 14

First Aid - One Day

Clear advice and demo's.  Great scenarios to challenge training.  Really useful and I feel more confident at the end of the day.

Elizabeth - Apr 2014

8 Hour OFA

A very useful day, great trainer and very informative.  Good examples and contexts provided.  Thanks!

Elouise - Mar 2014

Outdoor First Aid

Great additional information tailored to our needs as expedition leaders.

Danielle - Mar 2014

Outdoor First Aid

Great course, excellent delivery.  It makes me feel more confident.  Thank you.

Fiona - Mar 2014

Outdoor First Aid

Prior to the course, I didn't know whether I would enjoy it and felt a little apprehensive (no prior first aid).  But I really enjoyed it and found it a valuable course to attend.  Thank you.

Sandra - Mar 2014


This was fabulous - the trainer was great - really learnt a lot.

Cath - Mar 2014

First Aid

Brilliant instruction - fun, informative and practical!  Well done.

Ian - Mar 2014

Outdoor First Aid

This is the 3rd or 4th First Aid course I've been on.  It is the best to date.  The instructor was informative, helpful and friendly.

Mark - March 2014

Expedition First Aid

An enjoyable informative course.  Much more confident now.

Liz - Mar 2014

First Aid

I have done a number of these, all slightly different, but really hammered home the message well.

Ralph -Mar 2014


Covered a good range of scenarios - gave a really good idea of different scenarios.

Gareth - Mar 2014

Outdoor First Aid

Paul was an excellent instructor who was able to make this course very enjoyable.  Well done.

Corinne - Mar 2014


I have been on a number of first aid courses and Paul's delivery was excellent.  He was approachable and used very relevant and interesting real life experiences for us to relate to.

David - Mar 2014

Outdoor First Aid

The instruction was superb, with just the right amount of background to make the information stick.  Thank you!

John - Mar 2014


Excellent, lively and extremely informative input.

Andrew - Mar 2014

Outdoor First Aid

Very happy with the delivery of the course and material.

Cathy - Mar 2014


Information given and constructive criticism in a friendly manner - never made to feel bad but points reinforced well.  Nice lunch!

Andy - Mar 2014

2 day Outdoor First Aid

Excellent instructor.  Nice to see different ways of doing things and different experiences.

Ian- Mar 2014


Good balance of theory and practical work.  Enjoyable as well as informative and I feel considerably more confident.  Paul dealt well with the needs of the group with varying levels of previous first aid experience.

Barry - Mar 2014

Outdoor First Aid

Excellent presentation skills, maintained enthusiasm throughout.  Thoroughly recommended.

Howard - Mar 2014


Good structure and learning methods.

Elaine - Mar 2014

Emergency First Aid at Work

Enjoyable course - delivery was easy to understand and clear instructions.  I now feel able to deal with injuries needing first aid.  Thanks for a great day.

Richard - Mar 2014


Thank you for a practical, hands on course to give us the key skills!

Sarah -Mar 2014


I enjoyed the course.  Will was very well informed and led in a friendly manner, making us all feel at ease. Thank you.  I feel that the course covered everything I may need in the primary school setting and hopefully I will never need to use most of the training.  Thanks again.

Munro - Jan 2014

First-rate first aid course

I had to renew my Outdoor First Aid certificate, which I last did at Plas y Brenin. I chose Paul Lewis of Peak Mountaineering this time, as his operation was closer, more cost-effective and of renowned high quality. I was not disappointed. He ran the course very thoroughly over two days. All key parts of the syllabus were very well covered, with the emphasis clearly on practical, hands-on experience. The logistics arrangements were all good and even the weather improved when we had to lie around on the round outside. Big thanks to him for a great course with some friendly 'co-casualties'

David L - Jan 2014

An excellent first aid course

An excellent, enjoyable course that contained the right balance between the theoretical and practical elements of first aid. The instructor, Paul was approachable, informative, and always happy to answer questions. I got a lot out of this course and would recommend it very highly. Thank you.

Cath L - Jan 2014

Excellent Outdoor First Aid Course

Enjoyable course, pitched at just the right level with lots of practical exercises that really got you thinking. The instructor, Paul, is a true professional with a wealth of experience in a wide range of outdoor pursuits, so the course was entirely relevant to anyone who might ever need to do first aid in an outdoor environment. As a result of attending this course I feel much more confident in my ability to provide first aid for a range of emergency situations.

Adam L - Jan 2014

Outdoor First Aid Course

High quality training, Paul was very good at giving a lot of information yet it wasn't overwhelming. I left feeling much more confident with first aid. Additionally, the venue was excellent with good facilities and a hot lunch! I will be returning to Peak Mountaineering as my first choice in the future should the dates align, not just for renewing my OFA.

Mark D - Jan 2014

First Aid Training

Of the many first aid courses I have been on over the years this was the best - simple - systematic and thorough.

Martin B - Jan 2014

ITC First Aid Course

Enjoyable and informative training course. Variety of teaching styles used and even as an experienced First Aider, I picked up a few new ways of dealing with incidents.Enjoyable and informative training course. Variety of teaching styles used and even as an experienced First Aider, I picked up a few new ways of dealing with incidents.

James - Jan 2014


A very informative and really well formatted and run course.  Thank you.

Stephen - Jan 2014 


Paul is an excellent tutor.  He engages, motivates and explains clearly.  The course builds experience and confidence in a well-structured way.  Very worthwhile.  Thanks.

David - Jan 2014

Outdoor First Aid

A very well run and delivered course.  Very practical and totally relevant to outdoor work.  Thank you.

Adam - Jan 2014


Paul was excellent.  He presented a mass of information but I felt I was given the opportunity to absorb this without being overloaded.  Very good balance of practical and theoretical work.

Cath - Jan 2014


Excellent in all respects.

Tom - Jan 20104

Outdoor First Aid

Excellent.  Involved everybody.  Everybody was made to feel comfortable if and when involved.  Learning consolidated throughout the course rather than just at the end.  All learning was consolidated at the end of the course.

Darren - Jan 2014


Excellent content that was relevant and presented in an excellent and knowledgeable manner by Paul.

Lucy - Jan 2014


It was good to be in a small group.  There was a very approachable and knowledgeable course leader, who was able to put it all into context.  Thank you very much!

Tim - Jan 2014


Excellent first aid course.  Having been on three in the past, this was the best.

Gareth - Jan 2014


Excellent instruction and organisation.

Martin - Jan 2014


Useful seeing the delivery of a different First Aid course to the REC courses that I have previously completed.  Good amount of time spent on a range of conditions beyond the standard ABC.

Laura - Jan 2014


Fantastically well led.  The best layout of the course that I have been on.

Syliva - Jan 2014


Very informative and useful.  Another great course - thanks a lot Paul!

Jo - Jan 2014


Thank you, a very useful day! Very practical and hands on.  Certainly helpful to build confidence.

Alun - Jan 2014


Very informative.  The course makes me feel confident about dealing with first aid issues.

Sue -Jan 2014


I found this course extremely informative and was explained in a way that everyone can understand.

Janice - Jan 2014


Great Course. Learnt alot today. Thank you.

Claire - Jan 2014

I just wanted to say thanks for the amazing First Aid training you gave me. I had to do CPR on an old man who collapsed in the street on NY's Day and it all came back to me quite calmly. Thanks again.

Peter - Dec 2014
2-day First Aid course delivered very effectively

Good straight forward booking procedure.  Clear event instructions. Excellent tuition by Rick.  Very professional, clear, calm and unhurried. Rick dealt with questions very well indeed making sure he dealt with each one properly. The ITC syllabus offers a straightforward, systematic approach which proved simple to follow and likely to remain in my memory ready when needed. Topics were clearly and simply explained.  Plenty of practice and demonstrations. Assessment was continuous and carried out without pressure or unnecessary stress. The venue, The Hollowford Centre, proved very suitable. The cooked lunches were heart warming. Probably the most effectively delivered First Aid course of the considerable number I have taken part in. I feel more confident after attending that I have a structured approach in my mind that is likely to help me remain relatively calm should I have to deal with an incident again for real. Thanks Peak Mountaineering!

Mark - Dec 2013


Was quite apprehensive about doing this course, having zero experience in first aid. This was quickly dismissed within about 5 mins of arriving at the course centre. 
Great venue, and a very good instructor who knows his stuff.  The course was delivered in a very professional manner, emphasising mainly on practical, rather than boring theory. Thank you Rick and Peak Mountaineering.  I will be using you again in the future. 

Sarah - Dec 2013
Outdoor First Aid

Hands on stuff. Useful and proportional to other elements of the course and participants. Excellent tuition. Thanks

Richard - Dec 2013

Excellent instructor with very clear delivery. Very enjoyable course.

Peter - Dec 2013

Confident, clear and motivating delivery by Rick.  Made me very comfortable.

Richard - Dec 2013
Outdoor Frist aid

This course exceeded my expectations having experienced poor instruction previously.  The scenarios provided a good consolidation.

Martin - Nov 2013
First Aid Certificate

Attended a 2 day course leading to the award of the ITC First Aid Certificate. This was undoubtedly the best, most professionally designed and delivered course of it's kind I have experienced. Special thanks to Rick for making it fun as well as informative.

Tody - November 2013

Excellent pace and instruction from Paul - what can be a really dry day wasn't!  Thank you.

Jane - November 2013

Thanks you very much for an enjoyable and informative day

Nicola - Nov

Fantastic course.  Really enjoyed it, found it very informative and good fun!

Simon - November 2013

Outdoor First Aid

Excellent.  Best simplest 1st aid method and context.  Enjoyed the experience.

Gareth - Nov 2013


Particularly liked the repetitive, simplified method of teaching

Cath - Oct 2013


Great and met my workplace needs.

Sheona - Oct 2013

Emergency First Aid at Work

Really informative and helpful - Thank you!

Ursula - Oct 2013


This day was useful and enjoyable.  Thank you!

Andy M - Sept 2013

Outdoor First Aid

I had previously done this course with Peak Mountaineering in 2010 and it was now time to try and renew / requalify for it. 

The course was hugely informative, delivered with aplomb, set in a great location suitable for both the classroom and outdoor aspects required and had the participants fully involved from start to finish.

Having done a St John's "First Aid at Work" course in the past, I have no hesitation in saying that skills delivered on both that and this course are undoubtedly comparable but the scenarios and applications to which they could be applied are far more useful on the "Outdoor First Aid" course purely due to the type of environments that the two courses are aimed at.

Thoroughly recommended for anyone who loves to get out and about in the countryside or anywhere else for that matter.

Neil F - Sept 2013

Outdoor First Aid

I have been meaning to do a serious first aid course for a long time and was very glad that Peak Mountaineering were recommended to me. The course was hugely informative and delivered in such a way to make it interesting and entertaining with a lot useful group interaction.

The course leader easily adapted the course to include specific sports requirements such as kayaking and paragliding injuries and the outdoor scenario based training was very involved and required you to think on your feet in a simulated urgent situation.

Thoroughly recommended for anyone who goes off the beaten track.

Andrew H - Sept 2013


Very well run and excecuted course.

Caroline - Sept 2013


Excellent instructor, Really enjoyable and informative.  Feel much more confident about it all now.

Nigel V - Sept 2013


Thoroughly enjoy it.  Great location, excellent instruction

CCS Manchester - June 2013

First Class First Aid Course

I completed an excellent 2-day first aid course, led by Paul and a colleague. I ended up realising we'd only really scratched the surface, in terms of what skills might be needed for an emergency in a remote area, but Paul's instruction was brilliant, delivered in a most encouraging and motivating way, and his experience and expertise were clearly evident. I'm certainly much better equipped now than before I did the course, and it's given me the confidence I need for the World Challenge trip I'm undertaking to Africa with students from my school. I would recommend Paul's company without reservation.

South Derbyshire D of E Open Award Centre - Aug 2013

Outdoor First Aid

Great interactive course providing a lot of useful knowledge and skills.  Tutor was excellent and will certainly look tocolleagues to complete the course.  Thank you.

Excellent, well presented and organised course.

Course arranged for mix of Dof E volunteers and staff from other organisations.  Extremely useful and would use Peak Mountaineering for our future training needs.  Very professionally presented and enjoyable.

Excellent course, well presented and executed.

Fully enjoyable and informative.  Would recommend.  Instructor passed on information with confidence.  Very good.

James H - May 2013

Outdoor First Aid Course

Fantastic course at the weekend, great setting, informative instructors and good facilities, I would highly recommend Paul and the team.

Liz - May 2013

First Aid Outdoor

Excellent first aid course, I would definitely recommend it. Good venue, good trainers and lovely people.

Kringle - April 2013

Expedition First Aid course

I attended a first aid course by Paul from Peak Mountaineering. It was very interesting, well presented and thorough. I came away thinking time and money well spent. I will be investigating other courses they provide. I have no hesitation in recommending them

Louise - May 2013


Excellent instructors, great pace to keep focused and great practical.

Phil - May 2013


Very good techniques, most effective first aid course I have attended.

Dave - May 2013

Outdoor First Aid

Really well delivered and has been successful in teaching al the points well.  Much better than previous first aid courses.

Bob - May 2013


Paul and Richard were excellent instuctors.  I really learnt so much.  Thank you

Clive - May 2013


Well run.  Been on many first aid courses including instructors courses.  Very professional and progressive.

Rebecca - May 2013

Outdoor FA

This course was excellent.  Very detailed and I now feel confident to go away and if needed carry out first aid.

Neil - May 2013


Excellent balance between theory and practical.  Good friendly atmosphere.

Laura - May 2013

Outdoor First Aid - 16 hour course

A very informative course.  The practical nature of the course helped develop my confidence in being able to systematically deal with different situations.

Nick - May 2013

Outdoor First Aid Management

Very "hands on".  The most useful one I've been on!  Thank you.

Patricia - May 2013

Outdoor First Aid

Professional, positive and informative.  I am now much more confident in my first aid abilities.  Thank you.

Helen - May 2013

Outdoor First Aid