Top Tip #41 - Reflective Gear Markers

28th Mar 2020

Trekking Poles with reflective tape

If you have reflective tabs on your clothing, tent or rucksack and have tried shining a torch on them at night, you’ll know how efficient they are. They are a great safety feature either to spot someone in the darkness or to find equipment.  What’s also very noticeable is that you don’t need much reflective material to still be really visible.

It is great that many manufacturers now add this as standard to many bits of equipment, but there are other places we believe it to be of benefit that don’t tend to be included. Fortunately, it is very easy to buy self adhesive reflective material which makes a perfect do it yourself option.

The places you can use this are pretty endless, but here are a few ideas.  We add some to the top of trekking poles (see photo).  This is useful if you are walking in the dark, but we also often use our poles to mark snow shelter sites (either the shelter entrance or up slope of the shelter to prevent someone walking onto the shelter roof by accident). A strip of reflective tape might mean you can spot your shelter entrance more easily after heading out for that night time loo visit or make your shelter more visible to others who may be out at night. 

That’s just one example though.  What about adding a strip onto your snow shovel to help locate it in the same way when sheltering, on your water bottle to find it in the mess of your darkened tent, added to your tent zipper pulls or added as an extra safety measure to the back of your bike saddle for night time riding.  The options are only limited by your imagination.  

You can find rolls of reflective tape easily online and, if you buy a decent quality version, it sticks really well and lasts indefinitely.  We did include a version of this using glow in the dark shapes some time ago.  They are a great idea in other situations and details of that Top Tip are available here.  

Posted by Paul