Covid-19 (Update Two)

24th Mar 2020

Last week we released a position statement for our outdoor activity and first aid operations (please have a read here).  We outlined a plan, with support from our awarding body, to continue with some of our outdoor first aid courses. For many people a valid first aid qualification is an essential requirement to meet the requirements of national governing bodies or organisations.

We sent an email to all the people and received a very positive response. We offered a choice and, whilst some people chose to postpone, a significant number still wanted to go ahead. We had a plan in place to minimise contact, ramp up our already stringent hygiene procedures and adapt our delivery while still ensuring assessment requirements are met.  We have several busy courses scheduled in the coming few weeks.

However, just like everyone else, we’ve since seen the spiralling Covid-19 situation and have become increasingly uneasy about continuing to deliver in the current climate. We know how important the training is, but the safety of our participants and the wider community has to be the paramount consideration.

The government announcement last night was the final straw. Our country is entering lockdown and so, after a meeting today, we have made the decision to cease delivery of all first aid training until the start of May (with a review to see if this feasible in the middle of April).  We know it will be a significant disappoint and inconvenience to some participants, we also know it is the right thing to do.

There are some companies continuing to deliver first aid courses and that is their decision.  The door is still open for organisations to do this, but we have to use our own judgement.  We are concerned that, even if we can minimise person to person contact, it will be very difficult to protect participants completely.  

We also have to consider the small village community where we both live and deliver our courses.  Last weekend Castleton was besieged by visitors and, while we hope the lockdown will put an end to that, we have a close knit community with a significant number of elderly residents and certainly don’t want to increase the risk to anyone.  We also don’t want to increase risk by having people drive into the area.

Participants are being offered a course as soon as the situation improves - of course we all hope that is soon.  Stay safe everybody and we look forward to brighter times.

Kind regards,

Paul and Cal