Nikwax Footwear Care Video

21st Nov 2019

STOP PRESS - Nikwax have kindly offered us some footcare kits to give away.  Please do check out the details on our Latest News page here

Aku Superalps

When I was a young boy scout I remember my rather scary leader drilling into to us that if you look after your walking boots, they’ll look after you.  He really believed it too, as we seemed to speak a disproportionate amount of our scout evenings scrubbing and waxing our boots!

He was right of course.  Leather in particular needs looking after so that it stays supple, keeps water out and lasts a long and healthy life.  The same applies for other footwear fabrics.  Modern synthetics still perform best when they are kept clean and their waterproofness is maintained.

It is important to do this at any time of year, but the wetter, colder and snowier winter months are especially demanding on your outdoor footwear.  Fortunately, the process of looking after your precious boots has become a lot easier thanks to the specialist cleaners and proofers produced by Nikwax.  Even better, they have just released a handy video guide to show how easy it is to keep boots ships shape.  It is very well worth a watch even if you consider yourself a boot care guru - we learnt a few things despite having looked after more than our fair share of footwear types over the years.

We always favour Nikwax products because of their exceptional and industry leading environmental ethics and the fact that their products work so well.  Please do check out the video here….

Posted by Cal