2020 Winter Courses

27th Oct 2019

Carngorm Winter Climbing

As the big orb turns towards another winter and the first snows have been settling on the Scottish mountains, we are getting that buzz of excitement about what adventures another winter will bring. Winter 2019, despite challenging conditions, still allowed us to share great experiences with clients in Norway, Scotland, Snowdonia and Morocco.  But, it is time to look ahead as the next winter season looms and we are making some changes to our 2020 provision.

We have always offered industry leading training but believe, some of the tweaks detailed below, we have notched up the bar even higher.  Our existing clients can testify to the quality of our provision, but for potential new clients we know you will search around online and every company looks top notch.  So, we know we need to be blowing our trumpet louder than everyone else and so we have interspersed the information below with some key facts that we think set us aside from the competition.  

So, first and forecast, if you are early winter kind of person we will have private guiding available from the moment conditions arrive (we ran a bunch of guided adventures as early as December this winter), but in this post we really wanted to focus on highlighting what is happening with our scheduled courses.  

Unlike some providers who make you hire equipment, we provide all technical equipment (except boots which can easily be hired from a local shop) free of charge - you have paid enough for your course without having to fork out for spiky things and other paraphernalia.

We have a full fortnight of Norway ice climbing action in the last week of January and first week of Feb.  The first week will be in Rjukan and the second in Hemsedal.  You can come for a week or maybe just come for a few days - anything should be possible if you let us know your preferences.  These amazing destinations are the perfect venue for any budding ice ninja, but our trips actually don’t require any previous ice climbing experience as, with our low instructor to client ratio, we can cater for anyone and everyone.  All the information about these trips is now updated on our website.  

For the rest of February we will be back in Aviemore to run our range of winter courses.  Aviemore is accessible from various U.K. hubs by road, air, bus and train and offers great mountain options alongside a lovely mountain town village feel. There is accommodation ranging from cosy B&B’s to the 2 youth hostels that are in the centre and along the ski road at Glenmore (the Glenmore option is our preferred choice if you have the transport to get there from Aviemore).

Winter Mountaineering Fun

Alongside the scheduled courses we will always try to fit in folk who want a private guided adventure and for many this can be a very cost effective option.  It also allows the adventure to be tailored exactly to your particular needs. 

We prioritise low ratios.  Some providers run winter skills courses on a 1:8 ratio or 1:4 ratio for winter mountaineering.  This may make their courses seem cheap when compared to ours, but we don’t think it offers the best training opportunities and we definitely won’t change - you will never be in a winter skills group of more than 6 and our mountaineering (and other technical courses) are always run on a 1:2 basis.

Then, in March next year we will be heading back to Atlas Mountains for our Jebel Toubkal Quick Hit trips. There will still be Scotland options running during this time, but we already have 3 Morocco trips running.  2 of these are catering for private groups, but we still have spaces on our open trip at the end of March.

This full service adventure is an amazing chance to learn some winter skills in the heart of the High Atlas and we will also ascend Toubkal, the highest mountain in North Africa.  It is also worth pointing out that, for many Peak Mountaineers, this trip could actually work out cheaper than heading to Scotland once transport and other subsidiary expenses are factored in.  Details on our open Jebel Toubkal Quick Hit trip is available on the website - there is already a great team booked onto this expedition and so it will definitely run.

Some overseas companies rely purely on in country guides, but all Peak Mountaineering teams have a U.K. leader. This again may make our trips seem a little more expensive than others, but we feel this is the safest way to operate and guarantees all clients have a point of contact to help ensure a smooth trip.  We really value the amazing skills of our in country guides, but feel the best package combines their skills with those of a U.K. leader.

So, we are already really looking forward to a bumper winter 2019 and hope the changes and new opportunities inspire you to join our merry team.  Infact, all that is missing to make next winter amazing........is you! Send us an email via our Contact Form here and we’ll get you booked on.

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