Top Gear #30 - Nathan Belt

1st May 2019

Nathan Belt


Nowadays, on most shorter mountain bike rides, I like to ride without a rucksack.  This is made possible because I store all my spares and tools in my bike (in the head tube and handlebars) and on my bike (TuboLito strapped on the frame and tyre inflator under my saddle).  I explored this in my recent blog post here.


So,  the only additions to this that I want to carry happen to be my mobile phone and sometimes an energy bar or my keys.  I was looking for a low profile carrying method and a running friend suggested something called a Nathan Belt.  This simple stretchy fabric belt has small pockets that can hold a phone and the other bits I’ve mentioned.


After many rides I am happy to say that this is a really great product. One pocket will hold an iPhone 8 easily and an energy bar and keys will go in the others.  The pockets don’t have zips, but the combination of a flap closure and the stretchy material seems to hold things securely in place.  I also really like that the low profile and comfortable material allow this to sit neatly under my cycling top. It is a great design.


 Infact, although I have received some flak about this choice from family and friends (because it does look rather like a medical device!), I have decided to plough my own furrow and award it the 30th prestigious Peak Mountaineering Top Gear choice. If you like to ride pack free then please consider giving one of these a go.  


Posted by Paul