Top Gear #29 - Aquaprove Water Purification

31st Mar 2019



Whether in some mountain areas of Britain or a remote developing country destination, there are significant hazards in drinking untreated water.  There are various ways to ensure water is safe to drink and these come down to boiling, filtering or chemically treatment.  


Over many years of mountain travel I have used all three options and all have their pros and cons, but most frequently nowadays I use chemical treatment on longer trips and particularly in developing countries.  Again, I have tried many chemical treatment options and again they all do a great job, but this Top Gear choice is all about one of my favourites and the one we offer to clients on our overseas trips.  


Aquaprove is a simple chlorine dioxide treatment that is quick, effective and cost effective.  The system comes with a special plastic dropper bottle and a tablet.  Before first use you dissolve the tablet and the olution is then good to go.  Each time you want to treat some water you simply add 4 drops per litre into your drink bottle, wait 5 minutes and your water is ready to drink.  I love its simplicity and, as each bottle is good for treating 250 litres, one bottle will last you a long while.


The only disadvantages to Aquaprove are that you always need to carry the whole bottle even if you only need to treat a small amount of water. Also, the mixed solution has a shelf life of 40 days after mixing. Lastly, it can be hard to find.  


But that last one isn’t too big a deal as we can help.  We keep a stock of Aquaprove at Peak Mountaineering HQ and so, if you are ever heading somewhere fun and need a supply, do get in touch and we can send some to you at £10 per bottle (including P&P). 


Posted by Paul