Polygiene Odour Crunch Technology

25th Jan 2019

Polygiene Diaries day 1

A few years ago Cal and I took part in a challenge set by Swedish company Polygiene.  They asked me to wear a Polygiene treated Rab baselayer for a week while Cal wore a non Polygiene baselayer - the challenge was to see how they coped with 7 days of sweat inducing activity.  Over a busy week the tops were used for biking, walking and climbing and the end result was extremely impressive.  The Polygiene treated top was still fresh smelling while the other top had a distinctive pong (please check out The Polygiene Challenge report here).  

Polygiene is a silver ion based anti-microbial treatment that is permanently bonded to fabric during manufacture. Silver ions prevent the multiplication of odour causing bacteria and so garments stay fresher for longer. Since that test I was a devotee and have always chosen Polygiene treated products.  I’m not alone.  Polygiene has quickly established itself as the gold standard (or silver ion standard!) for fabric treatment and it is used by the majority of major manufacturers.  The chances are, whether you chose it specifically or not, that your baselayers and various other garments have been Polygiene treated.  

Polygiene Odour Crunch Technology

So, this week I was excited to get a press release about a new Polygiene innovation and I wanted to share the news.  Polygiene have just released a new treatment called Odour Crunch.  This is a fabric treatment that prevents fabrics picking up odours from environmental sources - things like cooking smells, smoke or smells from mould.  Polygiene say they now offer the technology to treat garment smells from inside and outside.  

Odour crunch is a permanent treatment that lasts the life of the garment and it works in a clever way. Odour particles stick to the Odour Crunch particles, the Odour Crunch particles catalytically ‘crunch’ the odour particles into smaller odourless particles of water and CO2.  It sounds like a great innovation.  We hope to be testing some Odour Crunch treated garments soon and will feed back on the results.

In the meantime, please look out for treated garments starting to flood the market - and we guarantee that won’t take long!

Posted by Paul