Five Of The Best Patagonia Items

17th Jan 2019

Patagonia Logo

I have been an unashamed fan of Patagonia for nearly 30 years and it is still a brand I look to first when selecting a new item of clothing.  I don’t use Patagonia exclusively and also have a strong allegiance to several fantastic UK brands such as Rab and Jottnar plus overseas options like Arcteryx, but I do wear more Patagonia than anything else.

I think they produce superb clothing, I love the efforts they put in to developing new technologies and I really value their strong environmental ethos.  Infact, as those 30 years have passed, I have found my own actions and environmental commitment develop to be increasingly influenced by initiatives they have introduced and I've written about them several times over the years (you can read a few sample pieces here, here, here and here and there are several Patagonia items reviewed on our blog).

But this piece is about products, and so I have selected five of the Patagonia items that have been rocking my world recently. Five items that perform brilliantly, look good, incorporate amazing technologies and that I would highly recommend to others.  Five items that I believe show some of the best that Patagonia has to offer.  I am very aware that Patagonia equipment isn't the cheapest out there, but it is a brand where I believe you get what you pay for.

Nano Air Light Hoody Pullover 

Patagonia Nano Air Light Hoody-2

This is a highly breathable lightweight insulating layer that’s perfectly suited to aerobic activities in colder weather.  It is a very simple style with half length zip, single exterior chest pocket and a snug fitted hood.  It also has just the right amount of insulation for so many activities and situations - not too much and not too little. The fabrics are stretchy which allows great freedom and movement and I just find it works so well for so many activities.   

M10 Pullover

Patagonia M10 Pullover-2

Patagonia’s superlight waterproof is another piece that, despite being stripped to the bare bones, works so well in so many situations.  The M10 has a half length zip, single chest pocket and helmet compatible hood - all you need and absolutely nothing more.  I have used these tops for ice climbing adventures, spring mountain bike rides and everything in between.  They are also, given their feather like weight,  surprisingly durable.  

R1 Hoody

Patagonia R1 Hoody-2

A legendary Patagonia piece and one of my most worn items.  The high performance R1 fleece is perfect  for so many situations and performs so well.  A 3 quarter length front zip allows good ventilation, a single chest pocket stores  your phone and a snug fitting hood seals out the chill.  They also fit great with a harness and have handy thumb loops on the sleeves.  An R1 Hoody might just change your life!

Galvanised Overtrousers

Patagonia Galvanised Over Trousers-2

In a world of complexity and ‘bells and whistles’, the Patagonia Galvanised overtrousers are a refreshingly simple option for wet weather adventures.  They have no leg zips and are deliberately a close fit that works well with a harness and will fit closely over boot tops.  A couple of pockets and a pair of braces complete the picture.  These aren’t going to be the top choice if you need a pair of overtrousers you can take on and off several times a day, but when the plan is to put them on and leave them on these are very hard to beat. 

Micro Puff Hoody

Patagonia Hyper Puff Hoody-2

Apparently these gems were something like a decade in the making, but I’m so pleased Patagonia persevered. The Micro Puff uses a blown fill insulation designed to mimic down and, as a result,  it offers high insulation values comparable to down - but without the disadvantages down faces when it gets wet.  Additionally, because the jacket uses extremely light fabrics and has a stripped down feature set,  it can pack up into one of its own hand pockets to be clipped to a harness or stuffed into a pack.  A genius piece of equipment.

Posted by Paul