Eider Women's Mission Hoodie 2.0 Review

1st Oct 2018

Eider Women's Mission Hoodie-2

When I got the chance to test one of Eider’s Mission Hoodie’s I jumped at the chance.  Firstly, this was because I had never used an Eider product before and yet I was aware of their reputation as a maker of high quality clothing (I have since learned that they have in fact been in business in the French Alps since 1962).  Secondly, because when I read the press release for the Mission Hoodie I was delighted to see that it was produced from recycled polyester (an essential decider for me in any fleece choice) and, thirdly, because I saw some pictures of the Mission and thought it looked fantastic. Here is my review........


Well I thought it looked good in the photos, but in the flesh the Mission Hoodie looks even better.  It is a plush feel fleece with subtle styling and great colour options (the Hoodie I was sent was in the very lovely Candy Pink colour but they also make a deep blue version called Dark Night and a grey option called Misty Grey).  I should say that pink isn’t a colour I would usually pick but I wouldn’t quite describe this as pink anyway - I would actually say the candy pink option is more of a cerise (or perhaps could be described as a pinky purple colour).  However you want to describe it though - it is lovely!

It is great to see influential companies like Eider leading the charge for recycled materials and for the Mission series they have chosen to use Polartec Thermal Pro fleece. Polartec were the original developers of recycled fleece fabric and, although I still can’t get my head around how a plastic drink bottle can be turned into plush fleece, I’m delighted that it can! Polartec Thermal Pro is resistant to pilling, wicks moisture well, is resistant to abrasion damage (from things like wearing a rucksack) and, of course, it offers great warmth to weight.  Oh, and it still retains significant insulation qualities when wet.

The Mission Hoodie has a full length front zip, 2 zipped hand warmer pockets, another small discrete zipped pocket (that I assume is for holding a lift pass), a well fitting and cosy hood with drawstring adjuster and the hood and cuffs are edged in contrast colour lycra beading.  The fit of the Mission Hoodie is comfortable and Eider have designed it to be layerable over other clothing.  It has all the features you need for a technical garment while still having the relaxed fit, cosy feel and good looks of a jacket that could just as easily hold its own for apres sport activities.

In Use

As I pulled on the ex plastic bottles (I must say again that I really can’t see how the conversion from used plastic to plush fleece is possible!) I immediately knew this fleece would become a much loved favourite.  The fabric feels luxurious and yet it has the thickness needed for those chilly wintry nights.  I first received it during the hottest summer we’ve had for decades but fortunately (at least fortunately for testing fleeces) the autumn chill is definitely now hitting us in the Peak District and I’ve hardly had the Mission off my back over recent weeks.

The fit is perfect.  As Eider describe, the Mission has a comfortable fit that allow other layers to be worn underneath, but I also felt it looked and felt great just with a t-shirt.  I wear a size 12 and the sizing is true to description.  

The fleece is a great chill out option and a few evenings ago I sat on the summit of nearby MamTor to watch the sun go down with a flask of hot chocolate and it was absolutely the perfect jacket to snuggle into.  The hood fits perfectly and, when I wasn’t wrapping my hands around a warm mug, they were tucked into the cosy hand warmer pockets.  It was a still night and the Mission offered plenty of warmth, but it is worth mentioning that, like any fleece of this type, the Mission Hoodie isn’t wind proof.  Of course, the simple solution to that is to add a windproof layer over the top.  

The elasticated cuffs seal efficiently around the wrists and the hoodie could be pulled on over lighter weight gloves if needed.  Similar elastic edging on the hood ensures a cozy seal around the face.  I also really like the way the front zip pulls up high which means that when you aren’t wearing the hood the jacket seals out the chill and protects the neck really well.  

I have also deliberately used the Mission for various aerobic activities such as hillwalking, cycling and climbing and have found it copes well with a broad temperature range and wicks moisture efficiently.  I would certainly put it at the thicker and more insulating end of the fleece spectrum and reckon autumn, winter and spring are going to be its forte - I really can’t wait to get out skiing in it soon and reckon it will cope superbly as a warm layer under my ski jacket.  

But this chameleon is also a great leisure top as well.  It has accompanied me on several social nights out and will made a brilliant apres ski top.  I have received several compliments about it and I know a number of friends who already have these on their Christmas list!

I can’t claim this to be a long term test but so far, after plenty of wear and several washes, the Mission Hoodie is looking as good as new.  There is no sign of pilling (including the common friction wear areas under the arms) and the colour is still that lovely rich cerise.  I expect this will continue to cope with wear and tear very well.

For active outdoor folk fleece is a standard uniform and I am no exception - when I open my cupboards there is more fleece in there than anything else.  It is such a practical and versatile option.  However, with the continued destruction and mind blowing consumption humans wreak on our planet, we can all make at least a small difference by choosing companies and products that help protect our finite resources. What could be better than a garment made out of bottles someone else has thrown away! Bravo to Eider for helping. 


If you want a stylish, high performance, ethically produced and environmentally friendly fleece hoodie then I strongly regret you to check out the Eider Mission Hoodie.  The Mission does absolutely everything you would want of a hoodie and will suit a broad range of users and activities.  Testing this jacket may have been my first dip into using Eider products but I will definitely seek out others - they have absolutely nailed it with this garment.  The Mission Hoodie retails for £125 and will be available in shops from about now.  More details can be found on the Eider website here.  

Reviewed and posted by Cal