Top Gear #27 - Edelrid Pure Slider Carabiner

24th Jul 2018

Edelrid Pure Slide Carabiner

Edelrid produce some really innovative products. I have used their Aramid Cord slings for years, love their Ohm Assisted Braking Resistor and their Jul range of belay devices set the standard for assisting braking belay devices - they aren’t afraid to bring products to market that are genuinely different.  Alongside all these,  they have some really clever carabiner designs and the 27th Peak Mountaineering Top Gear choice is all about their Pure Slider. 

This is a lightweight snapgate carabiner with a clever integrated locking system.  It is as slick as a normal snapgate, racks as neatly as a normal snapgate and weighs only a little over that of a normal snapgate - all with the added security that the gate automatically locks once closed.  It is a great idea and the more I’ve used them the more I’ve found advantages.

The main advantage, of course, is added security - they can’t offer quite the same level of security as a normal screwgate (they could in theory be opened if the catch is pulled down from above and then the gate could come open as normal if pushed from the side - but this would need 2 clear actions in different directions) and so they won’t suit every occasion, but they are certainly really confidence inspiring in many situations.

They were originally designed so they could rotate in a bolt hanger and they do that easily, they can be used with a clip stick with no problem, they are ideal on a first quickdraw where you want to be sure the carabiner gate can’t be compromised as you climb past and, if you don’t want to carry a screwgate for every situation that would normally warrant one,  they offer a good in between choice and save around 10 grams on the weight of a screwgate (depending on screwgate model).  

Also, crucially, they are extremely easy to use.  Learning to open them efficiently becomes second nature really quickly and soon you hardly notice that they are different at all.  I have a few on my rack and deliberately have them in a completely different colour to al my other biners so I can idetify them quickly and easily.

I think the Pure Slider is a great idea and I really hope those wizard like Edelrid designers keep cooking up such great products.  They cost around £15.    

Posted by Paul