Rjukan Ice Climbing 2019

19th Jul 2018

Rjukan 2

Norway is a climbing paradise - wherever you go you will find steep sided valleys with endless climbing opportunities.  Rjukan, a small community in the region of Telemark, is a perfect example.  Rjukan sits in the base of a steep valley through which runs the Mane River and,  along the river’s cascading journey, it tumbles over many huge waterfalls.  Combine this with reliably cold winter temperatures and very easy access and you have ice climbing heaven.     

Peak Mountaineering first visited this magical place 12 years ago and over the intervening years it has just got better and better.  There is a good accommodation infrastructure, quality guidebooks, friendly and supportive locals, easy travel options from the UK and well over 150 routes of all lengths and difficulties.

In 2019 we’ll be heading back for 2 weeks of adventure and we hope you can join us……..

What’s on offer?

We do things a little differently because we want our Rjukan adventure to offer the very best quality instruction provision and to also allow options for every experience level.  for this reason, in contrast to some providers, we always deliver our Rjukan trips on a 1:2 instructor to client ratio which maximises both safety and opportunities.

We also love Rjukan because it has a really wide selection of beginner level climbs of different lengths and also a superb range of mid to hard grade routes.  The routes also range in length from gentle single pitch through to advanced level multi-pitch and many only take a few minutes to reach.  We told you Rjukan was ice climbing heaven!

When do we go?

Rjukan generally offers reliable conditions from mid December to the end of March and, for 2019, we are offering 2 separate weeks of adventure right in the heart of the season.  The first team will head out between January 20-27th and we have a second week available between 17-24th February.     

How much will it cost?

Norway is an expensive country so we won't hide the fact that any trip there is always going to be rather expensive - especially when combined with low ratio guiding by highly qualified. Having said that, this is not a normal holiday! 

We prefer to keep the costs transparent.  Our fee simply covers professional guiding, the loan of any technical equipment and logistical support.  Participants will then be asked to cover their own transport and accommodation (we have isolated the likely costs under the various sections below). 

The instruction price for 6 days is £750 per person.  You can secure the booking with a 30% deposit (£225) and participants are then simply asked to settle the balance within 8 weeks of the departure date (feel free to pay in instalments if you prefer).

What is the format for the week?

The advantage of having low instructor ratios is infinite flexibility - our teams can respond to conditions and participant requirements to ensure the best possible experience.  Our instructors are experts in tailoring the venues and climbs to suit, and so each evening a plan will be made for the next.

After 3 days of climbing you’ll find your arms screaming for a break and so we leave Thursday as a rest day.  This offers the chance to ski at the nearby Gaustablikk ski area or maybe visit the heavy water plant at Vemork (Rjukan played a very important part in wartime history as the site of Hitler’s heavy water plant during WW2).  Of course, you may also prefer to use the rest day simply to relax and there are cafes and even an outdoor hot tub in Rjukan.  We’ll then get back on the ice for Friday and Saturday before departure on Sunday. 

How do we get there?

Rjukan is accessible from a number of UK airports.  The nearest airport to Rjukan is Oslo (Torp) which is a couple of hours drive away.  We don’t book flights for clients but can guide you to good options.  For example, Ryan Air currently have January flights from Manchester to Oslo (Torp) for around £150 return (correct on 19/7/2018) or an amazing £75 return from Stansted (correct on 19/7/2018).  Participants can travel from any airport but we simply ask you to be at Oslo (Torp) airport by no later than 5pm on the first day. 

What about transport within Norway?

Participants will be asked to contribute to hire cars for the duration of the trip.  This usually works out at about £100 per person. 

Where do we stay?

We have pre booked some cosy cabins right in the centre of Rjukan village which offer a cosy authentic experience.  They have kitchen facilities and are right next to all the Rjukan village facilities.  We find self catering accommodation offers maximum flexibility and gives a great group feel to the trip.  It usually costs around £300 for accommodation and food.

Do I need insurance?

Yes!  We can point you in the right direction but insurance covering medical treatment and repatriation is a pre requisite of joining us. 

Anything else?

Hopefully that offers enough information for now but please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have further questions.  We are ready to get you booked on as soon as you’ve decided so please just use our website Contact Form here, email us at info@peakmountaineering.com or call our office on 01433620283 and we’ll get you signed up.  You really won’t regret it!

Posted by Paul