Top Tip #30 - Yosemite Racking

11th Jul 2018

Yosemite Racking

It has been a while since our last Peak Mountaineering Top Tip and yet we are bubbling with so many cool ways to make your climbing more efficient.  We have given ourselves a stern talking to and promise we’ll be working hard to share some new tips over the next few months.  

Our 30th tip is ideal for all those who are using stripped down harnesses for their summer Alpine adventures or for those carrying such mega racks that they are short on gear loop space.  Either way,  if you don’t have the room to stack gear across your loops, try Yosemite racking.

The photo says it all really - clip one piece into your harness gear loop and then a bunch of other biners can be clipped into that.  It makes sense to group things so you know you’ll always grab an item of the same type from that carabiner,  but it works a treat and keeps everything slick and efficient…….and slick and efficient is always good!  Happy climbing.

Posted by Paul