Top Gear #25 - Hiplok Z Loks

7th Jul 2018

Hiplock Zlok


Some times the simplest ideas are the best, and here is a good example.  You turn up for a fuel stop at a cafe during your ride or want to pop into the village shop for a quick energy resupply.  Leaving your precious bike unattended is high risk and it only take a second for someone to whip it away while you feast on your carrot cake or buy your snack bars.  

The Hiplok Z Lok is a great little lightweight option that can add some security to your stops.  The Z Lok is effectively a cable tie, but it is set apart both by having a steel core and a locking system.  You can speedily secure your bike to a lamp post or attach your steed to a bike rack or even just secure the wheel to the frame.  Z Loks are 40 cms long per unit but 2 or more can always be linked together if more length is needed.

Hiplok zlok 2

Z Loks secure easily via the pin lock key and the metal core makes them strong enough to resist a snatch attempt.  They are in no way as secure as a full strength lock and they can be cut by cable cutters (or maybe even by strong wire cutters), but they will at least thwart the opportunist and, as they only weigh 18 grams a piece and are the size of a normal cable tie,  they can be carried effortlessly in your pack.   They come in a pack of 2 and cost about £13 per pair. 

Just to say that we have focussed on the option of using these to secure a bike,  but they could also offer some security when leaving your skis outside a slope side cafe,  they could secure your pack to a luggage rack on an overnight train or offer a secure attachment when your bike is attached to your car bike rack.  The options are only limited by your imagination and you will soon think of a 100 ways to use them. Highly recommeneded.

Posted by Paul