Top Gear #24 - Marmot Basic Work Gloves

25th Jun 2018

Marmot Basic Work Gloves

I use gloves a lot and my store room houses an embarrassingly large collection, but the ones I reach for far more than any others are the superb Marmot Basic Work Gloves. These simple leather gloves have everything you need for a range of activities and yet nothing more. They feature a breathable and wicking DriClime lining and, when proofed (I strongly recommend Hestra Gloves superb Leather Balm), they are surprisingly moisture resistant. The gloves offer good cold weather performance (I use them for a lot of my winter climbing activities), great dexterity and they are hard wearing enough to cope with plenty of rope and rock action. Best of all, you can find them online for around £23. Perfect.

Posted by Paul