SunGod Renegade and Pacebreaker Sunglasses Review

23rd Jun 2018

I would guess that most buyers of sunglasses will make their choice based on the look, fit and price.  Maybe some will consider what lens category the shades fall into, but that’s probably as far as it goes.  Do they look good, fit well, protect my eyes and suit my budget?

I have always followed the same equation, but recently SunGod asked me to try some of their range and I have have to admit that researching their products has made me far better understand the incredible technology that goes into such products......

The Brand

SunGod are a specialist eyewear manufacturer making a range of sunglasses and goggles.  Their focus is on providing top quality, stylish and protective products and I have been testing some of both their Renegade and Pacebreaker sunglasses.

The Renegades feature classic styling suitable for everything from sports activities through to urban and leisure use and the Pacebreakers are more streamlined sports specific eyewear with contoured and shaped wraparound lenses.  Put simply, and with cycling as a simple example, I would suggest you might want to wear the Pacebreakers for the ride and then chill out afterwards in the Renegades.  

Besides the models tested, SunGod produce a full range of goggles and a few other sunglass options and each model is customisable via a very user friendly website menu system. 


As mentioned, the shape of the models tested is quite different, but actually there are many similarities in the build materials and technologies used.  Researching SunGod products has certainly brought out my inner sunglass geek!

I must say at the outset that you inevitably judge a significant amount about a product based on first impressions and, on that criteria, SunGod have nailed it.  The shades came beautifully packaged in neat and stylish cardboard boxes that set the scene for the quality of the product.  Time to take a look inside and identify those features.....

Firstly, both glasses share Sungod’s flexible and durable Adventureproof frame material.  This is designed to be impact resistant, lightweight and comfortable enough for all day wear. It is also flexible enough to allow the frames to be bent and still return to their original shape without damage.  The frame arms are secured with steel pins and the material used on the Pacebreaker ear socks is even designed so the frames stay in place on your face in wet or hot/sweaty conditions.

Both styles of glasses feature 2mm polycarbonate core lenses designed to offer excellent optical quality and high levels of impact resistance.  The lenses on both the Pacebreakers and Renegades offer 100% UVA and UVB protection and triple layer scratch resistance and both models are treated with an anti-reflective inner lens treatment to prevent glare.

Beyond all that, there are a few other notable features of the Pacebreakers worth mentioning at this point.  The glasses have a locking mechanism that allows them to be fastened in either the open or closed position.  This is designed to allow them to be put on easily with one hand when in the throws of a race or when cranking hard.  They also feature interchangeable lenses and nose pieces.

Both styles are extremely well featured and feel well made and of a high quality.  SunGod also do a great range of protective cases and I would strongly advise ordering one of these when you order the glasses.  They have protected the test glasses when shoved into a rucksack and stored in a duffle.   

In Use

SunGod Renegades


SunGod say that the Renegades fuse style and performance to cutting edge design and they have that just about right.  The Renegades are a very stylish design and there is lots of customer options to select from too.  The website allows customers to choose from various frame and lens combinations which means you can go from colourful and contrasting to subtle.  Each order is then made up and shipped out individually.  Add in other nice touches like customisable SunGod logos on the arms and you have a very stylish design.  

As mentioned earlier,  although the Renegades will cope with some active pursuits,  I mainly see them as being your chill out eyewear rather than performance shades.  In this role they are superb.  They are extremely comfortable to wear and sit securely over the ears and on the nose. 

Besides the fit, the Renegades offer superb optical quality.  I tried them on a sunny day stacked against a range of other sunglasses from Oakley, Smith, Bolle and Cebe - they certainly offered at least the clarity of some and were significantly more clear than a couple of the brand options mentioned.  The lens colour I chose cut out all glare and offered a good level of contrast.  They have been perfect for everything from bright sunshine to hazy conditions.  

Users aren’t generally able to assess whether sunglasses offer the level of protection a manufacturer claims, but I have no reason to expect the SunGod’s offer anything other than the 100% UV protection stated.  

I am always very careful with my shades and so I haven’t been able to test the triple layer scratch resistance, but it is great to know it is there.  Without question,  the Renegades are stylish high performance eyewear.

SunGod Pacebreakers


The Pacebreakers are a very different beast to the Renegades.  SunGod say they are engineered to maximise performance whilst you operate at the highest level - they are certainly designed for fast moving active sports and I have loved their performance.  

I have actually, due to the nature of my job, used the Pacebreakers more than the Renegades.  They fit well with a climbing or cycling helmet and offer a well shaped wrap around style offering all day comfort.    

The fit is superb.  A combination of the Grip-Lock Ear Socks (made of a clever hydrophillic material that becomes increasing grippy with sweat) and the interchangeable nose pieces allow you to achieve a very personalised and precision fit that, when combined with the super light 27 gram weight, really means you will forget you are wearing them.

The lenses of the Pacebreakers are designed specifically to cope well with a wide field of vision.  In particular, SunGod have extended the top of the lens to cope with sports people who need to look at the road ahead.  It works really well.  

Buyers can again customise all aspects of the Pacebreakers.  Lenses are interchangeable so there is the choice to have different options for different conditions and you can select different frame and nose piece combos.  It is a very versatile way to add some individuality to your choice. 


It will be clear from what has been written above that I am a big fan of the SunGod Renegades and Pacebreakers.  They offer a great option for everything from relaxing by the pool to blasting the gnarliest trails.  SunGods are up to any task and the wide choice of colours and styles offers great flexibility.  Pacebreakers cost £85 and Renegades cost £65 which I think is great value for the quality, technical features and performance.  Go SunGod!

Posted by Paul