Peak District Pick & Play 2018

31st Mar 2018

Pick and Play 2018 - 13th May 2018


Peak District Pick & Play Group shot


The Peak District National Park is Britain’s oldest and busiest park and every year it is visited by many millions of people from all around the world.  Most users take great care to ensure it is is well looked after and it is a stunning place to enjoy, but we do have an growing problem with litter and you really don’t have to look too far to see all sorts of rubbish left behind by picnickers or carelessly tossed from car windows.


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As one of the Peak District’s biggest and longest established independent outdoor providers, Peak Mountaineering wanted to do something about the problem and so, 5 years ago, the Pick & Play was born.  This unique event invites volunteers to help clear up the national park and then we use our instructional expertise to offer a range of outdoor activities.  The event is completely free of charge and it has grown each year - in 2017 we welcomed over 120 people who collectively cleared up around 140 kgs of rubbish - with your help we hope to make 2018 even more successful.


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The event is very much a team effort and we partner with the Peak Park Conservation Volunteers and also enjoy support from the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) Peak Region.  We are also generously helped by clothing specialists Rab along with welcome assistance from Nikwax, Osprey Europe, Hydroflask and several local businesses.  The event is also supported by many members of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors.




When is it? Sunday 13th May 

What time? We’ll meet up for registration at 9.30am and the event will finish at 4pm.  If you are only able to join us for half the day we’d still love you to join us.

Where? We wanted to get information out to people as soon as possible and  so, at this stage we are still identifying our little collection location with the help of our Peak Park Ranger team colleagues. We will update everyone attending with full details as soon as we can, but please be assured it will be in the central Peak District area near to Hathersage. If you are travelling by public transport we can collect you from the local station.  Parking is free for the duration of the event.

Who can attend? Everyone! This is a strictly all inclusive event and we welcome families, couples, singles or groups.  

How does it work? We’ll meet up for registration and organise everyone into groups.  Some people head off to collect litter in the morning while others do outdoor activities and then we’ll meet up again for lunch before swapping over for the afternoon.  Everyone usually spends half their time on each part although we do get some participants who only want to collect litter and that’s fine too. 

What outdoor activities are available?  We have a great range of activities available and no previous experience is needed.  We are still exploring other possibilities but already there is climbing, a guided ranger nature walk, abseiling, bushcraft, orienteering, weaselling and a navigation workshop.

What do I need to bring? All you need is suitable clothing and footwear plus a picnic lunch.  We’ll supply all technical equipment for the activities.    

Who is organising the event?  Peak Mountaineering is a long established family run outdoor activity and mountain guiding company based in Castleton.  All instructors running the outdoor activities are fully qualified and many are members of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors.

Is litter collecting safe?  All participants will be issued with protective gloves and a litter grabber and all collecting groups will be accompanied by the experienced Peak Park team to monitor safety. 

How much does it cost? The event is completely free for participants - the Pick & Play has always been about collective activism and we believe it would be completely wrong to have to pay to collect litter!  The outdoor activities, which do rely on a team of professional instructors giving their time for free, are our way of saying thanks.

It all sounds great - how do we sign up?  Easy.  Please just complete one of our Peak Mountaineering online booking forms here and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can to confirm your booking and send the joining instructions.  Please make a note of which activity you are keen to do (or if you are just there to collect litter) and enter ‘Pick & Play’ in the Course Title box.


Pick and Play rubbish pile


If you do have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch via our Contact Form here.  


We are also always on the look out for sponsors and supporters so if you do own or work for an environmentally aware company who could offer anything from raffle prizes to financial support we would really love to hear from you (or them).  The event is completely non profit making and any money or support provided will go straight back into making the event even better.  


That’s it.  Come and join us for some Peak District National Park TLC and have fun trying something new.  Your National Park needs you!


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