Top Tips #29 - Mini Toothpaste Tubes

22nd Nov 2017

Mini Toothpaste Tube

I don’t think I’m too extreme with reducing pack weight for multi day mountain trips (certainly not compared with friends who will cut out clothing labels to ave a gram!), but it does make sense to me to shave off pack weight when you can.  The biggest reductions are always going to come from lightening the chunky items like your tent and sleeping bag, but even savings on smaller items still add up.

So here’s a minty little gravity defying Peak Mountaineering Top Tip for you.  When packing your toiletries (I only take dental stuff, biodegradable toilet paper and lip salve for short trips), how about substituting your normal size toothpaste tube with something lighter?

If I’m just doing an overnight I simply impregnate my toothbrush with a squirt of paste and then wrap the head in cling film, but for longer trips you need a bit more.  That’s where these tiny 3g tubes you get on long haul flights are perfect.  A single tube will last a couple of days and, if you haven’t stashed some away from your last long haul travels, they are available easily and cheaply from Amazon or Ebay.

Less bulk, less weight and same performance.  Perfect!  By the way, that travel size toothbrush you nabbed from the flight is a weight saver too (or you can saw the end off a regular one).  Happy brushing! 

Posted by Paul

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