Top Tips #27 - iTrak Luggage Labels

30th Sep 2017

ITrak Luggage Label

I'm lucky enough, despite many years of travel, to never have had a piece of checked in baggage go missing (having boasted about this is surely the kiss of death for my next trip!).  I know of many  horror stories about people losing things though - if they are lucky it has led to delays all the way to bags of expensive equipment never surfacing again.  It's always a bad start or end to anyone’s trip.

You can use the standard luggage label with your address on but they have their limitations.  They can get ripped off in the rigours of baggage handling (some are stronger than others) and revealing your personal address isn't ideal on a piece of baggage -  I think I've found a better option.    

For a small charge you can sign up to a service called iTrak.  This is a data storage company that also produces luggage tags and stickers.  On each sticker or label there's your personal ID code and phone number.  If finders call the number they can get all your personal details from iTrak or, alternatively, the company will contact you direct and tell you where your baggage is being stored.

The tags are produced in a couple of sizes so that you have some for your hang baggage and hold bags and they are really durable metal jobs that secure with a strong cable.  The mini ones are great for hand luggage and I use the larger ones in my hold bag.  Alongside that, iTrak produce a selection of small stickers that can be used on your phone, passport, laptop or wallet.

iTrak is a subscription service but the small cost, in my opinion, is worth it.  On their website you have your own account and can easily edit which items relate to which unique number.  It is simple, efficient and reassuring.

The only thing I can't vouch for is how effective it is at getting your items back! iTrak list some success stories about reunited baggage on their website but I don't personally know of any happy iTrak users who have been reunited.  I can't see though, why it would be any less successful than a normal baggage tag and can see lots of reasons why it's a better way to go.

The iTrak website here gives you all the info you need to know and I hope the idea is of use.  Happy travels.

Posted by Paul

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