Top Gear #22 Edelrid Nineteen G Carabiners

16th Sep 2017

Edelrid Nineteen G


I like Edelrid equipment.  It is always well made and innovative.  The Edelrid Nineteen G carabiner is certainly innovative and is definitely beautifully made.  I mean, this is a full strength carabiner weighing 19 grams!  That is innovative.  I don't know of a lighter one.  I have used the Nineteen G’s a lot and, having got used to the small size, I like them a lot.  Infact, I like them enough to select them as our 22nd Peak Mountaineering Top Gear choice.


These biners have limitations.  To make them that weight has necessitated Edelrid making them small.  Small means both a smaller size to hold and also that the gate can’t open as widely as larger ones.  When I first held them I thought the size would be a major drawback but I haven't actually found it to be the case in most circumstances.  I don't wear them with thick gloves on and only use them for straightforward protection clipping jobs.  For that role, I find them excellent.  


Of course, the small size also has several key advantages.  They rack neatly and don't take up much room in a rucksack.   The weight, though, is the big winner.  A carabiner weighing that much is about half the weight of a standard option and so a bunch of these on your rack will really make a difference to the total weight carried.  You will feel it in your rucksack and on your harness.  


Like all Edelrid products, the 19g is beautifully crafted and so far, with a fair numbers of outings under their belt, they continue to open and close smoothly.  They are slighter less strong than larger snap gates (20 kN and open strength of 7kN), but are still plenty strong enough to keep you safe.


You can buy them as an anodised set for about £50 (for 6) or they are available singly for about £8.  They are also available ready made up into quickdraws.  Give them a go.  I think you’ll like them.  


Posted by Paul

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