Top Tips #26 - Backed Duct Tape

27th Aug 2017

Backed Duct Tape-2

Surely everyone is a duct tape fan already?  That shiny super strong sticky tape is perfect for fixing and securing just about anything to anything - a must carry item for all outdoor adventurers.  

Many folk wrap it around their drink bottle or their trekking pole so it is available quickly but I reckon there's a better option. If you search around online you'll find suppliers of backed Duck Tape (that is, incase there is any doubt) duct tape with a backing tape. We actually love it so much it is destined become the 26th Peak Mountaineering Top Tip. 

I much prefer carrying a decent length of this to the standard type for several reasons. It is always going to be as sticky as new when you use it.  It is very easy to work with.  You can cut the length or size required before sticking.  If you need to cut it into thinner strips it's much easier with the backing on.  Writing on it before use is also easier (such as when labelling things or in a first aid situation).  It can also more easily be stored flat.  

That's it in a nutshell. If duct tape has changed your life, try backed duct tape and be amazed at the difference!  It is easy to find online.

Posted by Paul 

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