Top Tips #24 - Riemann Once a Day Suncream

15th Aug 2017

Riemann's Once a Day suncream


We all know the dangers of too much UV exposure and the importance of sun protection.  The problem can be that applying suncream regularly throughout a mountain day can be quite tricky as there is often never a good time and you usually have plenty of other things to think about.  


Recently I was introduced to Riemann Once a Day Sun Protection and I'm becoming a convert.  Infact,  I am impressed enough to make it our 24th Peak Mountaineering Top Tip.  Riemann lotion is easy to apply and sinks in soon enough but it does need to be applied 15 minutes before exposure to the sun so it takes a bit of pre planning.  Once applied, though, it is great to know it will go on protecting for quite some time.  The protection comes in different strengths and spray or lotion format.  


I have absolutely no stats on how effective it is to apply suncream only once a day and I imagine lots of factors will affect its longevity.  I also point out that I did some online research about this type of product and some have asked questions about their effectiveness.  I can only share anecdotal evidence by saying I've used it on some pretty baking days recently and not got burnt at all and I've also had similar feedback from others who I know use it regularly.  So, please make your choice about how to protect yourself from the sun and only take this as an idea!


Posted by Paul

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