Top Gear #21 - Goal Zero Flip 20 Battery

11th Aug 2017

Goal Zero Flip 20

We head to the mountains for freedom.  For that sense of escape from the modern ties that rule our everyday lives.  That’s all true……but there is still the Go Pro, smartphone, headtorch and a host of other electronics we still need to keep charged up on our wilderness adventures.  The solution?  Carry a portable battery!


We’ve found a great solution.  Peak Mountaineering have been testing some of the new Goal Zero Flip 20 batteries for the last few months and the news is….....they are awesome.  In a box the size of a large box of matches there is enough juice to power a smartphone twice (tested on iPhone 6s’s).  Perfect for a few days in the hills.  They are so great, infact, that we have made them our 21st Peak Mountaineering Top Gear choice. 


They have some great features.  The unit charges via a flip down USB, there’s a USB socket to plug in whatever you want to power up and along the side is a bank of LED”s to show battery level.  That’s it really - simple but perfectly formed.  


A final really useful feature is that the battery can be through charged - meaning you can plug it into a power source and it will charge itself whilst also passing the charge through to anything that is plugged in - very handy if you are charging it in a hotel room or airport.  The unit is designed to be chargeable from Goal Zero (or similar) solar panels or it can be charged from a wall socket in about 4 hours.  In tests we found this figure to be realistic. 


All this, and it only weighs a rucksack friendly 130 grams.  Power to the mountain people :)


Posted by Paul 

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