Top Tips #22 - Glow in the dark Duck Tape shapes

2nd Aug 2017

Glow in the Dark Shapes

There are lots of times when it is easy to mislay those vital items in the gloomy darkness of an outdoor adventure.  That snoring Alpinist next to you in the mountain refuge, for example. has rolled onto your water bottle and you are desperate for a midnight drink or your headtorch has disappeared behind your pillow and you really need it for that loo visit. It would, of course, be nice to turn on the dorm room light but you know that would make you very unpopular with the other 18 sleeping climbers as it's only 1am. How great it would be to have a way to spot those key items in the blackness.  Fortunately there is, and this Peak Mountaineering 22nd Top Tip is all about it.........

We are big fans of that fix all magic product Duck Tape and you probably are too.  It is good for sorting just about everything an outdoors person need.  Repairing overtrousers, fixing that broken tent pole, patching up your snapped spork (these are far better than a Spork BTW!), making an improvised blister patch or strapping on a splint - so the saying goes 'if you can't Duck it, F*** it! God as it is though, standard Duck Tape won't help you find that missing headtorch in a dark room or tent.  Fortunately, those Duck Tape masters have a solution for that too.  

As well as the standard blacks and greys, Duck Tape is also available in a Glow in the Dark version......and it works really well.  As long as the tape has had some sunlight on it for the last 30 minutes or so before darkness, it will then gently glow for many hours.  Perfect for those stray camping items like torches, drink bottles, pee bottle, medication, phone, ipad, cuddly teddy bear or a host of other items.  

You can glow in the dark Duck Tape in a roll but I find it most useful bought as precut shapes (easily available from Amazon).  Each sheet has a mix of squares, rectangles and circles in varying sizes.  It's a great combo and there will always be one for every object.  They also have the same durable qualities as all Duck Tape products.  Now,  you can settle in to that mountain refuge knowing your key night time items are always available. 

Posted by Paul


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