Lifeventure SoftFibre Lite Trek Towel Mini Review

7th Apr 2017

Lifeventure SoftFibre Lite Trek Towel Extra Large

Some time ago I participated in a challenge to see whether a new anti-microbial treatment called Polygiene could fend off the pong effect common with synthetic clothes.  For a week I wore a base layer treated with Polygiene and each day assessed the smelliness.  It performed superbly (please check out the Polygiene Challenge here).   Since then, I have actively sought out products incorporating Polygiene and, given its excellent performance, this will continue. Fortunately Polygiene treatments are becoming commonly used by many manufacturers so it isn’t hard to find treated garments.

So, with Polygiene high on my list, I was delighted when Lifeventure sent the Peak Mountaineering crew some of their Polygiene treated Soft Fibre Lite Trek towels to try.  They arrived soon into the new year so I took one north of the border to be used as the primary towel for my whole Scottish winter season.  At the same time, the Peak Mountaineering home team were using some in the Peak District.  Scotland turned out to be a perfect test ground for both the towel and the treatment as it was used daily and yet, as clothes washing facilities aren't so widely available where I stay, it was a longer than normal gap between washes than I would normally have left at home.  The towel and it's Polygiene treatment performed superbly and the results from the rest of the crew were just as positive.  

The reason Polygiene is so effective is all down to chemical wizardry.  As you exert yourself body oils, sweat and skin cells build up on your skin and therefore on the clothing you wear.   Bacteria chomps away on all these oils and cells and the pongy smell develops.  Polygiene is a silver ion based treatment that is bonded to the fabric and it works by preventing the bacteria build up.  It is guaranteed to last the life of the product.  It’s benefits stood out when I completed the original Polygiene Challenge and it has been just as noticeable with all the Polygiene treated products I have used since.  I had no reason to doubt the towels would work well and I’m delighted my confidence was justified. 

Setting aside the magic of Polygiene for a minute, I should also say these Lifeventure towels are a great product.  Lifeventure sent extra large versions which are luxuriously body wrap size and yet they still fold up to a small travel sized package.  They are also very soft, feel great to use and perform brilliantly - I certainly have no reason to doubt Lifeventures claims that the SoftFibre Lites absorb 6x their weight in water and dry 9x faster than conventional towels.  Lifeventure have also added nice details like a stitched in elastic strap for storage and a large printed logo on the side.  It is a great package.

So, I got excited enough by both the amazingness of Polygiene and the performance of the Lifeventure SoftFibre Lite to get cheeky - we asked Lifeventure if they could supply a few towels to give away to Peak Mountaineers and they said sure.  Please do hop across to our Latest News page here for the chance to win one of 3 of these beauties (worth £16.99 each) and do check out the Lifeventure website here for more details.

Posted by Paul

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