Peak District Pick & Play

15th Mar 2017

Pick and Play group


It is fantastic that more and more people are seeking the beauty and tranquility of our wild places - we’ve played in the hills and mountains for decades and know how much benefit can be gained from an outdoor lifestyle.  We have also been privileged to call the Peak District National Park our home for many years but, while we see the pleasure the millions of annual visitors get from visiting this special place, we also see the park desperately suffering from the effects of littering - wander along any Peak District roadside or look into the undergrowth in easy to access areas and you’ll see what we mean.  

Years ago we decided that we wanted to do something both to ease the problem while also using our instructional skills to offer some outdoor activities - get people to interact meaningfully with the natural environment and they will hopefully want to look after it.  So, 5 years ago we started an innovative annual event combining litter collection and outdoor activities in one action packed, fun and productive day.  We are delighted to say that for 2017 the Peak Mountaineering Pick & Play is back.  All we need now is you!    

When is it?

Sunday 14th May 2017 

What time?

We’ll meet up for registration at 9.30am (to start activities at 10.00am) and the event will finish at 4pm.  If you are only able to join us for half the day we’d still love you to join us.


The meeting point for the event will be Surprise View Car Park (near Hathersage) which is easily reached from Sheffield or Manchester.  If you are travelling by public transport the car park is on a major bus route or we can collect you from the local station in Hathersage.  Full details on how to find Surprise will be sent to all participants.  Parking is free for the duration of the event.


Who can attend?

Everyone!  This is a strictly all inclusive event and we welcome families, couples, singles or groups.  Age is no barrier either - last year we had everyone from 6 month old Clara to 86 year old Doug helping!

Pick & Play young and old

How does it work?

Simple really.  We’ll meet up for registration and separate everyone into groups.  Some people then head off to collect litter in the morning while others do some outdoor activities and then we’ll meet up again for lunch before swapping over for the afternoon.  Everyone will spend half their time collecting litter and half participating in an activity - although we do get some participants who only want to collect litter and that’s fine too.  Similarly, if you are only available for half a day it would still be fantastic to have you along.

Pick and Play rubbish pile

What outdoor activities are available?

We have a great range of activities available and no previous experience is needed.  We are still exploring other possibilities but already there is climbing, a guided ranger walk, abseiling, bushcraft and a navigation workshop.


What do I need to bring?

All you need is suitable clothing and protective footwear plus a picnic lunch.  We’ll supply litter collecting equipment and all technical equipment for the activities.    

Who is organising the event?  

Peak Mountaineering is a long established family run outdoor activity and mountain guiding company based in Castleton.  All instructors running the outdoor activities will be fully qualified and many of them are members of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors.

Is litter collecting safe?

All participants will be issued with protective gloves and a litter grabber and all collecting groups will be accompanied by the experienced Peak Park team to monitor safety. 

How much does it cost?

The event is completely free for participants - completely FREE! The aim of the Pick & Play has always been about collective activism and it would be completely wrong to have to pay to collect litter!  The outdoor activities, which rely on a team of professional instructors giving their time for free, are just our way of saying thanks.

Pick and Play instructors

It all sounds great - how do we sign up?

Easy.  Please just complete one of our Peak Mountaineering online booking forms here and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can to confirm your booking and send the joining instructions.  It would really help if you made a note of which activity you are keen to do (or if you are just there to collect litter) and also make sure you enter ‘Pick & Play’ in the Course Title box.

That’s it.  Come and join us for some Peak District National Park TLC and have some fun trying something new.  Your National Park needs you!

Hope to see you soon, 

Paul and the Peak Mountaineering team