Wigwam Peak to Pub Socks Review

22nd Aug 2016

I always love products with a good backstory.  Something about the design or the company that manufactures them which gives the product uniqueness.  I think lots of other people are the same - they buy in to an ethos, a family history, tradition or product history.  Recently we were asked to review a product with a great tradition of family manufacture……

Wigwam socks 2

I had never actually heard of the Wigwam brand before.  Wigwam make socks and have been making them in their Wisconsin manufacturing base since 1905.  They are passionate about keeping manufacture local and this is increasingly rare in a world where it seems more and more products than ever are now being made overseas.  Wigwam also source the majority of their yarn from homegrown spinners who in turn use predominantly American wool.  All very much focussed on keeping their operation local.

Beyond that, I was heartened to hear how much Wigwam have prioritised making their production systems and facilities as environmentally friendly as possible.  From initiatives like installing solar panels in their manufacturing and office facilities to introducing recycling strategies for their manufacturing waste - I would always rather support a company dedicated to making sustainable products over one that doesn’t.

Of course, while all those social and environmental issues are important, the main key consideration as to whether a user will choose a certain manufacturers product has to be based around the quality, practicality and durability of the product - all production still pollutes and a product is only better for the environment if it lasts well and is build durably....which leads nicely onto the product test.

Wigwam socks

Wigwam Pacific Peak Pro Sock Features       

The socks we were sent to test were from Wigwam’s recently introduced ‘Peak to Pub’ range.  There are actually 4 models in this new range and they are designed, the blurb explained, as socks  technical enough for days on the hills while also being comfortable and stylish enough for evenings in the pub (see the video below).   

As I mentioned, there are 4 sock types in the Peak to Pub range and Wigwam sent us a his and hers pair of the ‘Pacific Peak Pro’ which features a supportive and protective construction and simple, unfussy designs that Wigwam describe as ‘heritage’ styling.  Other models in the range include the colourful ‘Pikes Peak Pro’ and ‘Point Reyes’ along with the fast drying summer use ‘Portland Pro’.  

All the socks in this range feature cushioned soles, snug fit, seamless toe boxes and a high content of moisture wicking Ultimax Pro fibres.  There are certainly some colourful colour schemes and designs in the Peak to Pub range although the socks we were sent were, while stylish enough, less showy then some of the patterned and vivid coloured versions.

The Test

We have been using the Wigwam Pacific Peak Pros for the last few months.  Both of us have pushed them through a range of activities including running, mountain biking, hillwalking and general everyday use.  We received them in late Spring so the temperatures we have used them in have been relatively warm (although with plenty of wet weather too!).  They have been used a lot in the Peak District, Snowdonia, the Lake District and Scotland.

wig socks

The results

Simply put - these are great socks!  We have found them to wick well, they are a snug and comfortable fit, they have worn well despite regular use over several months and they look good.  They actually, despite pretty heavy use, show very little signs of wear at the moment and there is some nice detailing thrown in to the design like the wigwam logo on the cuff and contrasting bands on the forefoot.  There is nothing not to like about these high performance socks and they feel like they will provide good service for a considerable time to come.

We have really enjoyed using Wigwam socks and will certainly search them out to use in the future.  Added to that, there are all the benefits of the strong environmental ethos, the incountry materials sourcing and incountry manufacture to consider which would all definitely be persuading factors for us.  A big thumbs up for Wigwam.

Posted by Paul

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