Nick Bullock at the Buxton Adventure Festival

22nd Feb 2016

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I arrived at Ynys Ettws, the Climbers Club property in the Llanberis Pass, after a day of guiding in the Ogwen Valley.  It had been a great day in the mountains and I would meet the same clients for more in the morning.  In between, as I often do, Ynys Ettws would be my home for the night.

After parking up I wandered around to the main door.  A mop haired and bespectacled man sat against the wall outside eating a plate full of sandwiches.  He was dressed in a tatty t-shirt and jeans, had sinewy arms, bare feet and the tanned skin of someone that spent a lot of time outside.  We exchanged hello’s and chatted briefly about our days.  While I’d been enjoying moderate terrain on Tryfan, it turned out he had been defying death on some Gogarth ultra extreme rock climb.  It was the first time I’d met Nick Bullock.

Since that day many years ago, I have bumped into Nick a number of times and also kept up to date on his many exploits through the climbing press and conversations with friends.  He is a vibrant character with an amazing tally of vertical achievements and a remarkably focussed approach to his life and adventures.

Nick was already an avid climber during his time working as a prison officer but he knew there was more.  He worked hard and saved harder until he got to a point where he could leave the prison service and eke out a life as a full time climber.  Since then he has excelled at everything from hard trad to winter test pieces, performed at the highest levels in the Alps, quested up giants in Canada and Alaska and battled his way up technical routes in the Himalayas.  

It has been a varied and colourful climbing career and there is undoubtedly much more to come, although there has been plenty of added adventures to threaten to cut short Nick’s adventurous life such as him and his partner being attacked by a grizzly bear in Canada earlier this year!  

Nick is much more than just a climber though.  He’s also found time to write a book and become a sought after speaker on the lecture circuit.  A sought after speaker that is, that we are delighted to hear is presenting at the Buxton Adventure Festival on  If you attend one climbing lecture this year we suggest this should be the one. 

Check out the Buxton Adventure Festival website here for full details and, if you want to get a flavour of the tenacity of the man, check out this heart stopping video....

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