Top Read #12 Alone on the Wall

25th Nov 2015


“There is no adrenaline rush. If I get an adrenaline rush, it means that something has gone horribly wrong.” Alex Honnold 

Alex Honnold's incredible free solos and speed ascents, and the films made to accompany some of them, may have come close to making him the highest profile climber around at the moment.  Having said that, his popularity must also, in no small measure, be due to his relaxed attitude to life and his engaging personality.  He also doesn't hide the fact that, although he still chooses to live mainly in a van and lead a simple life, his popularity has allowed him to make a very very good living from climbing. 

Beyond those ascents, however,  Alex is also a committed environmentalist and philanthropist keen to use his public recognition and the rewards from his fame to do good for others.  A few years ago he set up The Honnold Foundation and, as it grows in its popularity and reach, he looks set to do great things for communities around the world.

Alex recently turned his talents to writing his first book and 'Alone on the Wall' has now been released.  The book, written in partnership with David Roberts, helps chart some of his amazing achievements while also helping to explore some of the unique mindset needed to excel in this extreme branch of our vertical sport.  

The combination of Roberts and Alex alternating sections of the book works well and we felt it flowed well and charts the fascinating development of Honnold as a climber, celebrity and environmentalist.  We can't say that Alex won't remain something of an enigma after you've finished the book, but this is, after all, part of the Honnold charm!

Alone on the Wall will get the palms of any climber sweating as they read, but will also be enjoyed by anyone interested in extreme sports.  It becomes the twelfth Peak Mountaineering Top Read.   

Posted by Cal

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