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13th Nov 2015



We know outdoor equipment is expensive and we are always keen to try and cut costs for our clients as much as we can.  We always supply technical equipment free of charge and we try to offer advice that will minimise the outlay wherever possible.  We have also forged links with a number of suppliers and retailers that kindly discount their products for our clients via our Retailer Discount Scheme (see details here).

Since we introduced it a couple of years ago the scheme has gone from strength to strength and we are delighted to be adding three new suppliers that we wanted to let you know about.  As always, we only use suppliers who we completely trust and whose products or services we have tried and tested thoroughly.  We know our reputation is on the line as much as theirs with this arrangement.

Even better, we are also introducing each of these suppliers via a product giveaway that we have timed for Christmas as each of the items on offer will make a great stocking filler for the adventurous one in your life (or just keep it to yourself if you want to treat yourself!).  The details of the giveaways are all on our Latest News page here.

So, with no more delay, we are delighted to welcome the following suppliers and brands to our scheme….

Ice Bear Logo





Ice Bear is a specialist online retailer of camping, survival and expedition equipment.  It is fair to say that its owner, Clive Johnson, knows a thing or two about harsh environments - he has over 30 years experience in polar environments having spent 8 seasons in Antarctica and with more than 30 Arctic expeditions under his belt.  We chose Clive to join our discount scheme because his sort of business can offer the kind of advice on equipment that is only built up through hard fought experience.  Ice Bear offer Peak Mountaineers 10% on all purchases and, with many prices on the Ice Bear website already discounted, that's a great deal.  Check out the Ice Bear website here.

Fuizion Logo






We were offered the opportunity to try Fuizion foods on a backcountry trip some time ago....and immediately knew we were on to something special. Fresh wholesome ingredients and delicious recipes.    It is, put simply, dehydrated food that tastes like real food.  Still the same ease of preparation and still the same high energy content - just yummy too!  We liked it so much we knew Peak Mountaineering clients would love it too.  Our review of Fuizion foods is here.  Fuizion kindly offer 10% discount to our clients and you can check out their online range here.

Jottnar Logo






Jottnar is a premium British brand of outdoor clothing.  Although it was started only a few years ago (by a couple of ex marines seeking to produce the best quality clothing possible), it has already built a fantastic reputation. Jottnar have a range of shell and insulating wear and have always focussed on doing a few items well rather than trying to have too broad a range.  It works - Paul has been using several Jottnar items for the last couple of seasons and, in his view, they really are some of the best quality outdoor clothing available.  Paul reviewed some items here.  Jottnar offer a whopping 20% off all retail prices for Peak Mountaineering clients and you can find their range here.  

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