Top Gear #15 Edelrid Tower Ropes

31st Oct 2015

Edelrid ropes

There are times when you want a rope that is super light just as there are times you will want a rope that is super water resistant or really skinny.  There are also times that you need a rope that is very durable and, for Peak Mountaineering’s fifteenth Top Gear choice, we are highlighting the most durable dynamic rope we’ve ever used.

The Edelrid Tower is a 10.5 mm rope designed for high use situations like climbing walls or outdoor centre.  It was originally recommended to us by our friends at Hitch and Hike in Bamford and, after several years of using them on our Peak District courses, we certainly haven't found anything that copes as well with sustained use.

The sheath is really durable and, although it doesn’t have a dry treatment, the Tower does benefit from being treated with Edelrid’s BS and TS treatments which helps with abrasion resistance and handling. They aren’t the cheapest ropes around but, like all things, you tend to get what you pay for.  On the plus side Edelrid do supply them in a range of lengths so you can select a shorter or longer line depending on your climbing venues.

If you are looking for a rope that will look after you on cragging days, you climb a lot on abrasive rock or your training plans include lots of time at the local wall then look no further.  

Posted by Paul

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