Fuizion Freeze Dried Food Review

13th Oct 2015

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I first became aware of Fuizion Foods when I saw adventurer Richard Parks using them on aTV programme about his record breaking trek to the North Pole some time ago.  They came across in the programme to some extent like the now fairly traditional 'add boiling water to a bag, stir, wait and eat from the bag type dehydrated meals.'  I say 'to some extent' because I watched Richard help prepare some of the dishes and I was aware Fuizion aimed to offer a more 'real food' dehydrated meal experience.  I was keen to try them out myself and Fuizion kindly sent some samples.  We took them on a recent family overnight climb - bivvy - climb adventure.  Here's our thoughts......

Fuizion have a good range of meals available and the ones we tried were King Po Vegetables with Noodles (meal code FD19) and King Po Chicken with Noodles (meal code FD09).  From a testing perspective we had a discerning test panel.  The Peak Mountaineering junior sponsored climbing team were there (aka our children Ben and Tom) along with Paul and myself.  I say a discerning team because our boys don't rush to eat things they don't like but we were also reliant on their opinion for the chicken meal because Paul and I are both vegetarian.

The energy content to weight ratio of the meals tested stacks up well against other competing brands.  The Kung Po Chicken dish weighs 110 grams and contains 500 claories while the Kung Po Vegetable dish, while weighing the same, packs in 433 calories.  Fuizion meals come in a tough foil pouch and like most meals of this type you simply open up the pouch, add the amount of boiling water specified on the packaging, give it a mix, fasten up the bag and wait 8 minutes for it to be ready to eat.  Occasional gentle shakes of the bag help the food hydrate and you may want to consider insulating the bag during this phase (popping it in your hat works well) if the ambient temperature is low.  The meal can then be eaten straight from the bag (choose a long handled spoon such as this for mess free eating) which keeps things washing up free.  So, a big tick in the box for ease of preparation, but how did the Fuizion meals taste?

When you open the bag you immediately notice that Fuizion meals really look like a meal. There are vegetables that look like vegetables and the chunks of meat look meat like.  I certainly can't say this is the same for some other brands of dehydrated meals which can sometimes resemble an unpalatable powder. With Fuizion priding themselves on meals that are like normal meals, I can certainly say that, judging from appearance alone, this is the case.

So the next thing is all about taste.  Well, again, a big thumbs up.  The junior team tucked into the chicken dish and, although they said it was quite spicy, they loved it.  Tasty and wholesome noodles, big pieces of chicken and accompanying vegetables were all mixed together into a great well seasoned meal option. The same goes for the vegetarian dish which Paul and I wolfed this down.  The vegetables were again a good size, tasty and nicely spiced and the noodles were perfect.  Another great dish that, had I been eating it off a plate rather than straight from a foil pouch with a long handled spoon, I could have mistaken it for fresh food.   

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A problem with some dehydrated meals can be that the portion size is quite small.  The Fuzion meals are a good size but I would still say that, after a day in the mountains, a single portion would likely need to be supplemented with something else.  Maybe a soup beforehand and some bread to dip in the yummy juice would be enough - but do bear it in mind if you have a good appetite.

The Fuizion chicken meal we tested retails at £6.99 and the vegetable dish costs £6.50.  This stacks up well against other dehydrated brands and I don't think it's too costly when you consider the food quality.  Dehydrated meals do tend to be more expensive than putting camping meals together yourself but, provided you are happy to pay the price, Fuizion meals are highly recommended.  Full details on the Fuzion range can be found on their website here and their website also allows online ordering.

* Fuizion food pouch photo courtesy of Fuizion Foods

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