Trek & Mountain Stok Kangri Expedition Statistics

4th Sep 2015

Whether it was Hannibal and his many elephants crossing the Alps or Ueli Steck's sub 3 hour ascent of the Eiger North Face. All great adventure success stories are really nothing to do with personal toil or breaking down psychological and physical barriers in the face of adversity.  They are all, just like the success of the 2015 Trek and Mountain Stok Kangri expedition, really just about generating interesting statistics.
So, revealed for the first time and after days of number crunching and analysing gigabytes of crucial data at Peak HQ, is the numerical low down on one of climbing histories most acclaimed ascents and, indeed, the 'conquest' of one of mountaineering longest sought after prizes.........
 2015 Stok Kangri Expedition Statistics
Team distance travelled to and from India in miles - 54,000
Combined age of team members in years - 492
Total number of metres climbed by team in metres - 102,000
Number of times Paul said we need a group photo - 84
Number of Love Bite sweets eaten on summit day -  312
Omelettes consumed by team - 198
Most omelettes eaten in one meal - 17
Number of times a team member vomited in one hour - 6
Total number of team members who vomited - 1
Vehicle punctures - 1
Number of team hours spent in tents - 716
Number of rupees injected into Indian economy - 220,000
Lowe Alpine luggage items used - 20
Number of 'discussions' had with airport staff - 42
Number of 'discussions' won with airport staff - 0
Distance travelled by team in India - 91,000 
Swear words used during Tuk Tuk journeys by team - 79
Number of swear words used during Tuk Tuk journeys by team member Big G - 79
Starbucks visited - 1
Costa Coffees visited - 4
Number of blisters suffered by all the team - 1
Kingfisher beers consumed - 178
Long drop toilets visited - 8
Conversations had about Rab clothing - 129
Glacier crossings - 2
Card games played -141
Photos of smiling team members taken - 821
Photos of none smiling team members taken - 21
Kilos of dal eaten by expedition leader Paul Lewis - 72 
Kilos of dal eaten by rest of team - 0.5
Flights used by team - 60
Kilos of luggage - 278
Number of team members to summit - 9
Rab clothing items used - 106
Years taken to build the Taj Mahal - 22
Total of steps climbed by team to Shanti Stupa - 2016
Photographs taken by team - 21,000
Number of cups of bed tea drunk - 79
Number of boiled eggs eaten - 205
Taxi journeys taken - 101
Most ingenious storage device - Janneke's bra strap wallet!
Best bartering discount achieved for a souvenir - 79%
Record number of days one set of underwear worn during mountain phase - 6
Number of years Shah Jahan was imprisoned in Agra Fort - 8
Record temperature experienced in degrees Celsius - 41
Minimum temperature experienced in degrees Celsius -  -12
Number of potholes negotiated enroute from Leh accommodation to centre - 66
Parachute cafes visited during trek - 12
Posts to social media by all the team -194
Posts to social media made by team member Dom -190
Time taken in minutes to ascend and descend Stok Kangri - 882
Number of lassi drinks consumed - 211
Shopping journeys into Leh - 138
Rivers crossed - 8
Most popular song played - debatable!
Best percentage discount negotiated through bartering - 84
Worst percentage discount negotiated through bartering - 0
Amount spent in rupees on souvenirs by team members - 61,000
Number of times team member Steve said he wanted a Fray Bentos pie - 198
Fray Bentos pies eaten on expedition - 0
Mules used to transport team equipment - 16
Number of times supplementary oxygen was used (in Leh) - 1
Cheese jokes told by Paul - 25
Cheese jokes laughed at by rest of team - 1
Likelihood in percent that these statistics are accurate - 0.01
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Posted by Paul