Top Tips #20 Trekking Washing Lines

9th Aug 2015

If you are heading off for a multi day trek then the chances are that you'll want to do some clothes washing along the way.  Infact, I would say that a simple pleasure of longer treks is pulling on some fresh clothes after you've washed them in some babbling stream and dried them in the afternoon sun.
The only problem can be getting them dry without them blowing away.  You can buy elasticated washing lines but I'm a great believer in having items with me that will do several jobs so I prefer to make my washing lines out of a simple piece of accessory cord.  Now, the only problem is stopping your clothes falling off the line if you don't want the hassle of carrying clothes pegs.  If you are trekking in to a climb the answer is simple.  The spring loaded gates of carabiners make great clothes pegs.  But what if you aren't carrying climbing equipment?
Peak Mountaineering's Top Tip #20 is the answer.  You can carry just a simple piece of cord and yet still keep your clothes in place with one simple trick.  When you tie your clothes line to whatever objects you are using attach it to one point from the middle so you have 2 strands of cord.  Then, before you attach it to the second anchor point you just need to put lots of twists in the cord before tieing it up.
Now, when you add your clothes all you need to do is to put the items between one of the cord twists and they'll be clamped in place.  A quick, cheap and very simple solution to the problem of flying boxer shorts!
Posted by Paul