Top Gear #13 Thermarest Mini Pump

23rd Jun 2015

A while ago we included the Thermarest Neo Air inflatable camping mattress as one of our Peak Mountaineering Top Gear choices.  The Neo Air folds to the size of a can of beans, weighs only a few hundred grams, insulates well, is very comfortable and, with a bit of care, plenty durable enough for regular use.  They are great.

Recently we got a small battery powered pump Thermarest make for use in inflating the Neo Air.  It’s not very imaginatively called a ‘Thermarest Mini Pump’.  We’ve now used it a fair bit to blow up two Neo Air mattresses and have been impressed enough to make it our thirteenth Top Gear choice.  The Mini Pump weighs only 66 grams, uses a couple of AAA batteries, inflates a mattress in about 3 minutes and, although we accept it is a complete luxury item, is actually very useful.  

It’s beauty is really how well it works with the Neo Air.  Arrive at your campsite, lay out your mat and attach the pump, start putting your tent up and hey presto - within a few minutes your tent is up and your mat is ready too.  Simple life.  We usually add an extra breath to get the mat firm but that’s far better than the few minutes of heavy breathing it used to take.  We also found an added bonus to the mini pump on a recent visit to Morocco.  The same little fan that will inflate your mat can also be used to keep you cool.  Flick open the lid, point at your face.....and enjoy!  Suddenly that extra few grams will feel well worth it’s weight in your rucksack!  The Thermarest Mini Pump costs about £30.

Posted by Cal