Top Tips #18 - Stake Tie Ins

11th Jun 2015



Hammered in metal stakes are commonly used by climbers in places where there are no natural anchors.  You will find them at the top of sea cliffs and in various other venues around the country.  These are regularly used for abseiling in to climbs and are often the anchor for belays at the top of routes.   Assuming you have carefully assessed the integrity of the stakes, you then need to attach to them (•) in some way.   

When tying in to the stakes it is best to use a clove hitch as this gets pulled tight around the stake and is therefore much less likely to slide off.  You can do this with a sling (as shown in the pictures) or sometimes by using your climbing rope (if you use the rope make sure you also add a stopper knot).   

The main thing about this tip, however, is to share a simple trick that increases the security of the clove hitch.  Before you put the clove hitch over the stake turn it over so the sling (or rope) comes out of the knot at the back.  This means that, when the sling or rope is loaded, the clove hitch will constantly be pulled tight.  A great way to ensure it firmly stays put.  Finally, don’t forget to make sure the sling or rope is placed as low as possible onto the stake to minimise leverage.  

*Please do bear in mind that you shouldn’t rely on one stake for either an abseil anchor or belay point.

Posted by Paul