What's in the gear store.....

3rd Jun 2015

We’ve been trimming back some of the Peak Mountaineering equipment mountain today and it got us reflecting on a few items we use a lot.  We thought it may be of interest to blog readers to find out a bit more about some of the gear we love.  First up is harnesses.........

I’m currently using four harnesses which, although I know sounds a lot, all have very different uses.  Here’s the low down on the selection pictured above.

1. DMM Renegade 2  - this is a great harness and one I often point clients towards when they are looking to buy perfect all rounder.  It’s just the job for everything from summer cragging to winter climbing - infact it really does pretty much everything. This is my third Renegade and I won’t hesitate to get another.  They are simple, great quality, very comfy, have good racking options, are fully adjustable, durable and great value (RRP £65).  There is really nothing not to love about the Renegade 2.  DMM also make a similar spec women’s specific fit version called the Puma 2.

2. Arcteryx R320a - a stripped down lightweight harness that is really good for sport climbing or fast and light trad.  It doesn’t suit racking up with a huge hardware armoury, but strip your load back and it works a treat.  Loads of new technology went into styling and construction of these and, considering it has no padding, it is really comfortable and surprisingly durable.  This model has been updated since I got it but this one has plenty of life left yet.  At £120 retail this Arcteryx harness wasn't cheap…..but like all Arcteryx products they really deliver. 

3. Black Diamond Couloir -  I love this harness for mountaineering, scrambling and ski touring.  It is a simple, super light, highly packable gem.  The lack of padding isn’t a problem if you aren’t carrying much of a rack and have a few layers on.  Having no padding means it dries really fast too. The Couloir retails for around £35 and it’s nappy style fitting means it is easy to put on over big boots or when wearing crampons.  A great design.

4. Black Diamond Big Gun - The Big Gun is an armchair of a harness designed for big wall and aid climbing.  It is very supportive, very padded, very durable and with loads of racking - perfect for hanging around.  I use mine mostly for hanging around alongside the clients on Lead to Lead Climbing courses and it’s perfect for it.  Certainly not needed by everyone and not cheap at about £90 retail but, if it suits your requirements, highly recommended.      

So, that’s harnesses.  We’ll add another ‘What’s in the gear store?’ soon.

Posted by Paul