Top Gear #12 Silva Type 4 Compass

29th Apr 2015

I have never strayed.  I am a devotee. I have no reason to try any other model.  I hope Silva keep making them forever.  If you have one you'll know what I mean.  If you don't have one it will be the best £25 you've ever spent.  How can one simple plastic plate be so good?
Silva's Type 4 compass is Peak Mountaineering's twelth top gear choice because it's the perfect compass for general mountain navigation.  The layout is spot on. It performs brilliantly and it is easy to manage in challenging conditions or, due to it's luminous markings, at night. 
Down one side there is a millimetre ruler to aid measuring distance and along the top are various roamer scales to aid measuring on different map scales.  The rotating bezel is grippy and easy very to operate but has enough friction to minimise the chance of it turning when nudged up to something.  There is a magnifying glass to help you pick out tricky features on your map and the overall size is just right to keep in the palm of your hand.  Simple genius.
Posted by Cal